A True Star of the First Launchpad πŸŽ‰

Published 05 September 2023
A True Star of the First Launchpad πŸŽ‰


Welcome the new asset on our exchange β€” Scamfari (SCM)! This is the first project voted for on our WhiteBIT Launchpad.

Got SCM from the Launchpad? We have great news for you! If after the start of trading you hold and do not withdraw or sell your SCM tokens acquired during the initial distribution on Launchpad, you’ll receive an additional 20% on top of them at the first unlocking in half a year.

And if you not only hold your SCM tokens but also buy them on our exchange and, as a result, double them on your balance, your reward will increase to +40% of the initial distribution amount!

Find out the detailed terms of promotion in the blog article.

Scamfari is a platform developed by the HAPI Foundation, aiming to detect fraudulent crypto wallets. It emphasizes security and transparency within the blockchain environment.

Learn more about the project on our blog.