What is OMG Network

Published 07 October 2021
What is OMG Network


What is OMG Network?

The essence of the OMG Network (OMG) is to combine payment services and a p2p currency exchange. Within the model, the cost of transactions is cheaper, and the speed is faster. Besides, users can make transactions in any currency.

Users in any country can pay for a product or service using the application that converts their assets into local currency and transfers the required amount to the counterparty. This option is more suitable than finding an exchanger in a new country. Moreover, the conversion of OMG tokens is decentralized.

This method is also good for transferring funds to another country or shopping in foreign online shops. At the same time, transaction fees for shopping or moving money abroad are much lower.

OMG price

In July 2017, the price of OMG was $0.43. Rapid growth followed, and in January 2018, the price reached $25.72. After it, a correction to $0.52 followed. At the beginning of 2021, the rate grew again, and OMG reached the $12.97 mark. To find out the current value of OMG, use the trading terminal on WhiteBIT.

OMG prospects

OMG Cryptocurrency offers a free open source mobile wallet template to develop applications. Due to fast and convenient currency conversion, OMG provides cheap money transfers. For organizations, a White Label wallet (SDK) has been developed. Individual users can make transfers in the application.

The OMG Network platform allows users to tokenize fiat money and turn it into stablecoins. Thus, they can buy other currencies or convert them into fiat assets. The process excludes the participation of banks and other cryptocurrencies. Users can participate in referral programs and gain loyalty points. The points can be tokenized and used in the network.

Since the OMG Network is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it allows using smart contracts to create gift cards that can be exchanged, transferred, and sold.

How to buy OMG?

Use your account on WhiteBIT to buy OMG. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one in seconds.

  • log in;
  • choose the “Trade” tab;
  • select OMG from the list;
  • create a buy order.

You can also use swap, activate a WhiteBIT Code, or use the Bitcoin Global P2P platform.


You can exchange digital currencies in your personal account. Four exchange options are available on WhiteBIT: swap, trading terminal, WhiteBIT Codes, and P2P exchange.

There are no limits on WhiteBIT. You can buy any number of coins. The minimum exchange amount is $5 or 0.0001 BTC.

OMG rate is highly volatile. Use the trading terminal to find out the current rate.