Party with Zamzam Token continues

Published 01 June 2022
Party with Zamzam Token continues

The 5th round of our activity has started. As always, you have to hold ZAMZAM and meet a couple of simple conditions to compete for the $1000 prize pool (in ZAMZAM) ⬇️

✔️ Sign up on our exchange if you haven’t yet.

✔️ Deposit or buy at least 500 000 ZAMZAM. You can also participate if you already have this amount on your balance.

✔️ HODL ZAMZAM on your balance during the whole round.

The 5th round duration: from the 1st till the 25th of June

Reward: $1000* (in ZAMZAM)

Winners: 1

*at the 01.06.2022 rate.


Each day you hold at least 500 000 ZAMZAM on the balance gives you a +1 chance to receive a prize.

Each additional 500 000 ZAMZAM on the balance gives you a +1 chance to win every day you hold this amount on the balance.

ZAMZAM tokens must be on your Main or Trade balance. The tokens with the “In order” status do not count as eligible.

To control the process, we will take snapshots of the balances every day.

Hold ZAMZAM and get profits!

WhiteBIT Team

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