Premier Futures Trading Competition

Published 19 July 2022
Premier Futures Trading Competition


To celebrate the recent release of futures, we are running a Trading competition. Show how well you have already mastered this tool and compete for a share of the 50 000 USDT prize pool!

To win the competition, you have to make the highest trading volume on the BTC/PERP pair and become one of the Top 20 participants.

Duration: from the 20th till the 30th of July (12:00 p.m. UTC)


1st place โ€“ 10 000 USDT;

2nd place โ€“ 5000 USDT;

3rd place โ€“ 3500 USDT;

4th โ€“ 9th places โ€“ 2500 USDT to each winner;

10th โ€“ 20th places โ€“ 1500 USDT to each winner.

Become the champion of the first Futures trading competition and get fairly rewarded!

WhiteBIT Team

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