What does your gut say? 🤨

Published 15 November 2022
What does your gut say? 🤨


Let’s find out. What do you think will be the price of XSPECT in 48 hours after the listing? Share your guesses on Twitter and compete to share the 11 500 XSPECT prize pool.

How to join?

* we accept filled forms only within 24 hours after the project’s listing

Duration: from the 15th till the 16th of November (12 p. m. UTC)

Winners: 25

Prize pool: 11 500 XSPECT*

* 25 participants with the closest predictions to real price of XSPECT will share the prize pool

We will determine the winners on the 19th of November and send their rewards as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 business days.

Good luck!

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