Q&A with SOLOXCOIN | Transcript

Published 20 June 2022
Q&A with SOLOXCOIN | Transcript


Question: What is the story behind the SOLOXCOIN? What was your biggest motivation that pushed you to build SOLOXCOIN, and how would you use this motivation to achieve a successful project in the end?

Answer: The SOLOXCOIN founder got the idea before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. The idea was developed as a solution for the developing countries where the payment methods are limited, and almost everything is done with cash. Also, to find a solution to work from home or work online as a freelance or independent online service provider. From that came the idea of EXBarter with the need for a payment method to support the idea and make it doable. From that, we got SOLOXCOIN.

The goal behind this idea was not materialistic. It was to help us support our goals, which include supporting and uplifting the quality of education, providing decent work and economic growth, and improving the industry innovation and infrastructure.

Q: Tell us about your ecosystem. What besides the token is included in your ecosystem, and what are you working on now?

A: The SOLOXCOIN ecosystem is built on its project. Besides our token, we have a number of future projects. The main project is EXBarter. We will announce EXBarter at the end of June. We are working now on several projects, but our main focus is on SOLOXCOIN and EXBarter.

Q: What are the use cases of the SOLOXCOIN token in the ecosystem, and how will it be helpful for long-term investors? Can you tell us some advantages that SOLOXCOIN holders can benefit from it?

A: Of course, the long-term investors in our token will have advantages on our platform and in the following projects. We appreciate those who invest in our token, so our long-term investors will have exclusive benefits on the EXBarter platform.

Q: Can you share the achievements the team has made so far? What is the major target SOLOXCOIN is yet to achieve? If possible, also share your roadmap.

A: Our most challenging achievement is getting the support and building a community of loyal supporters. So our first step was building this community, which is still ongoing – also, getting listed on a respectable exchange like WhiteBIT and announcing EXBarter. This one is still yet to be achieved. We are working on getting it done by the end of June.

Q: In your white paper, I’ve read that part of the objective of SOLOXCOIN is to facilitate online payment methods. Will there be a fiat gateway? Have you partnered with any payment processing platform to increase awareness, user base, and sponsorship?

A: One of the goals that we wish to achieve is to enable the payment with crypto and make it easier. We have a way of using the token in EXBarter. Stay tuned to hear more on the official announcement. Also, we are working to integrate a fiat gateway to buy our token and make it easier for people to buy it with fiat currency.

Q: There are many blockchain networks in the market with several advantages, but you preferred Ethereum, which is not very trendy recently. Why did you select Ethereum? Do you plan to have cross-chain support?

A: We started with the Ethereum network because it’s one of the world’s biggest and most secure networks. We also have minted our token on two other networks, BNB and Polygon, but we have started with Ethereum because it’s hard to manage a token on 3 networks at the same time. We have it in our plan, but we need time.

Q: For many non-crypto users, interacting with many UI/UX of the platform is a tough task. How will SOLOXCOIN try to make it more interactive? Is there a SOLOXCOIN mobile app? What are your plans regarding this?

A: Yes, that’s one of the biggest challenges that we are facing. We will have a mobile app for the EXBarter platform. For SOLOXCOIN, the website is enough for now.

Q: What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of your project in the near future? What are your plans for global expansion? Share your plans for the future. How do you see the project in a couple of years?

A: Our biggest supporter till now is the people who believed in our project, and we are working really hard not to let them down. Our confidence comes from the planning and the market studies we made for our projects.

Our plans for global expansion are to open new markets and expand our community globally by listing our token on other respectable exchanges.

Our most important goal is to launch EXBarter in the next year and be able to sell SOLOXCOIN directly to the users from our website.