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The Terms and Conditions of the “Q&A with Blocksport” Promotion

Published 21 October 2023
The Terms and Conditions of the “Q&A with Blocksport” Promotion


Learn more about how blockchain is used in sports with the Blocksport project! Submit your questions in the Blocksport Q&A session and be one of the 20 winners sharing a prize pool of 812 000 BSPT.

How to participate:

  1. Register on the WhiteBIT exchange and confirm your identity (if you have already done everything, you can also participate);
  2. Leave your nickname on the WhiteBIT exchange and your question about the Blocksport project in the Google form.

Leave your question from 11:00 UTC October 21st to 11:00 UTC October 22nd.

During a live broadcast on X with a representative of Blocksport, we will ask the most interesting proposed questions. Perhaps yours will be among them!

The 20 authors of the questions that will sound on the air will receive 40 600 BSPT each.

Start of broadcast: October 24th at 11:00 UTC

Winners: 20

Prize Pool: 812 000 BSPT

Join in!

Greet Blocksport (BSPT) Q&A Winners!

The Q&A session with Blocksport (BSPT) came to an end. Thank you for your thoughtful questions! 20 winners whose questions were asked during it will share the prize pool of 812 000 BSPT. You can find their nicknames below.

  • serkanc#7237
  • Meby_and#3878
  • pink_tribe#4817
  • electrical_fantom#9427
  •  racial_wilmanisme#5173
  • cengizhan#5526
  • minor_just#8129
  • sensitive_balancer#7215
  • Nissybright#8302
  • cridvan#3611
  • fanatical_sushi#4116
  • elfin_galaxy#6121
  • sea_dash#5505
  • lacking_just#4492

The Official Terms and Conditions of the Promotion and Details of Its Implementation:

The organizer of the Promotion is the company UAB Clear White Technologies, incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania with registration number LT-03224 and registered office address at J. Basanaviiaus g. 26 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

The period of the Promotion is from the 11:00 (UTC) on the 21st of October until the 22nd of October 2023, 11:00 (UTC).

The territory of the Promotion is all countries in the world except for the following: Afghanistan, American Samoa, United States Virgin Islands, Guam, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Spain, Somalia, North Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, USA, Canada, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Transnistria, temporarily occupied territories of Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Northern Cyprus, Western Sahara, Amazonia, Kosovo, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The Promotion is held to promote WhiteBIT services.

It is the responsibility of Participants to ensure that their participation is not prohibited or restricted by the laws or regulations of their jurisdiction. The Organizer reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Participants and may request proof of residency or location if necessary.

For any inquiries or communication with the Organizer, Participants may contact the Organizer directly via email at support@whitebit.com or via live chat on the official website at https://whitebit.com.

The Promotion is not a game of chance, a lottery, a service in the field of gambling business or a contest; these Terms are not a public promise of reward. 

Information about the Promotion is provided based on advertising rights.

Participants of the Promotion are adult citizens of non-banned countries (i.e., other than the above), or other persons legally residing in the territory of such countries who have met the following conditions:

  • Have already signed up for the WhiteBIT website https://whitebit.com and have passed identity verification (KYC);
  • During the promotion period, filled out the Google form by the link, indicating their nickname on the WhiteBIT exchange and in X (formerly, Twitter) and a question for the Blocksport (BSPT) Q&A session guest.

The Terms and Conditions of the Promotion must be fulfilled within the terms of its implementation.

Any personal data of Participants of the Promotion is processed to ensure participation in the Promotion, marketing relations, advertising relations, tax relations, and accounting relations.

Employees, representatives, or agents of the Organizer and their relatives (first and second degree of kinship) are not eligible to participate in the Promotion. Suppose at the time of the provision of the Prize it is established that the person participating in the Promotion cannot be a Participant of the Promotion following these Rules. In that case, such a person is not entitled to receive the Prize.

Participants of the Promotion have the opportunity to become the Winners and win Prizes from the Prize Pool according to the following assignment:

The Prize Pool is 812 000 BSPT. 

The maximum possible number of Winners of the Promotion is 20 persons.

The prize pool will be distributed equally among all Promotion Winners at 40,600 BSPT each.

One Winner may receive only one Prize.

Based on the results of the Promotion from the 21th, 2023, of October to the 22rd of October, the Organizer forms a list of Participants who meet the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion, out of all the Participants who met all the Terms and Conditins of Promotion, there will be chosen by Organizer 20 questions that will be asked the Bloksport representative during the live broadcast on Telegram.

The Winners of the Promotion will be announced during the live broadcast by the Organizer and the representative of Blocksport at the Q&A session. 20 most interesting questions will be discussed on the broadcast and their authors will become the Winners of the Promotion. 

The time and place of the live broadcast are set by the Organizer: the 24rd of October (11:00 UTC) on the WhiteBIT X (Twitter) account.

One Winner can win only one Prize.

The list of Winners with their nicknames on the WhiteBIT exchange will be published on the WhiteBIT blog on the 27th October, 2023.

The Organizer credits the Prizes to the Winners’ WhiteBIT Main Balances within 5 business days from the day following the announcement of the Winners in WhiteBIT blog. Also, the Organizer will notify the Winners by their email address specified during registration on the website https://whitebit.com about the receipt of the Prizes within 5 business days after their distribution.

The Winner receives the Prize free of charge. The Prize is non-refundable, non-replaceable, and the Promotion Winner is not entitled to demand any additional compensation from the Organizer. The Organizer assumes no warranty obligations for the Prize received within the ambit of this Promotion and under the conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions.

If it proves impracticable to contact the Winners or if the Winners fail to comply with these Terms, such Winners shall forfeit their entitlement to the Winner status, which shall be transferred to the next Winner on the list.

In the event that the Winners do not receive the Prize, assuming they were eligible for it, or encounter any other difficulties, it is required for the Winners to contact the online support at https://whitebit.com, email support@whitebit.com, or engage with the Organizer’s agents in live chat by no later than the 11th of November, 2023, inclusively. If the Winners fail to make contact regarding the issue of non-receipt of the Prize by the specified date, they will forfeit their right to receive the Prize.

Winners determined by the Promotion results cannot transfer the rights to receive the Prize to any third parties.

A Winner of the Promotion is entitled to refuse the Prize.

By participating in the Promotion, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that any voluntarily provided information, including personal data, may be processed by the Organizer or third parties engaged by the Organizer to conduct the Promotion and perform all necessary related activities. This includes, but is not limited to, informing Participants about the results of the Promotion through advertising or other means. Participants may also receive further information, particularly of an advertising nature, about subsequent events, competitions, promotions, or raffles organized by the Organizer. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Participants explicitly consent to processing their personal data by the Organizer and/or other authorized entities. Participants confirm their complete understanding and necessary awareness of the purposes for processing the provided information and the privacy policy, accessible at: https://whitebit.com/privacy-policy.

By participating in the Promotion, Participants confirm their consent to using their surnames and first names without any financial compensation. Participants also agree to comply with all other Terms of the Promotion. Winners additionally confirm their agreement to participate in advertising interviews regarding their participation in the Promotion, including media platforms such as radio and television, and to be photographed to create graphic materials, without receiving any monetary compensation. The Organizer will own all exclusive intellectual property rights to such interviews and photographs.

The Organizer reserves the right to amend or modify the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion. In the event of any such changes, information regarding the modifications will be provided on the WhiteBIT website and the Organizer’s official social media platforms.

The Organizer does not enter into disputes that may arise between Participants of the Prize Promotion. In situations that allow ambiguous interpretations of these Terms and Conditions and/or issues not regulated by these Rules, the Organizer of the Promotion makes the final decision in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the countries of the Participants. At the same time, the Organizer’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.

The Organizer of the Promotion is not responsible for the operations or the services of telecommunications companies, postal services, and in particular, e-mail, for any errors of employees of any enterprises/institutions/organizations that ensure the exchange of information and items as mentioned above between the Participants of the Promotion and the Organizer, or the circumstances which may result where the postal items were not received, received late, lost or became damaged.

In case of any discrepancies or inaccuracies arising from translation across multiple languages utilized in the Promotion, the English rendition shall be deemed authoritative and supersede all other versions.