🧠 Big brain time: get your NFT 🧠

Published 07 October 2022
🧠 Big brain time: get your NFT 🧠


We have the Web 3.0 Quiz in collab with WOO Network for you! Follow the link to take the test and get your precious NFT as a prize. There are only two steps to take:

👣 sign up on the exchange if you have not done so yet;

👣 answer at least 8 questions out of 10 about Web 3.0 correctly.

Duration: from the 7th till the 11th of October

📌 We based the questions on our recent articles about Web 3.0, so be prepared: a general article, Web 3.0 & Finance, and a text about the pros and cons of Web 3.0.

📌 If you answer at least 8 questions correctly, you can get your NFT here.

Get smarter & richer with us!

WhiteBIT Team 

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