What is SPE

Published 16 September 2021
What is SPE


What is SPE?

The Save Planet Earth (SPE) cryptocurrency appeared in 2021 to improve the environmental situation on the planet. To implement its plans, the company cooperates with international organizations that fight against global warming.

SPE coin is a deflationary asset running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 2% of each SPE transaction is distributed among all holders, and another 5% is added to the liquidity. This redistribution model is not implemented on WhiteBIT, but users have the opportunity to trade quickly and conveniently with a commission of only 0.1%.

SPE coin price

The deflationary nature of the SPE token allows you to maintain its scarcity. With each transaction carried out on the network, the total number of tickets in circulation decreases, creating prerequisites for price growth.

What can I use SPE coin for?

There are several ways to use SPE:

  • Storage.
  • Trading.
  • Payment for goods and services.
  • Investment at interest (on WhiteBIT there are 30-and 90-day SPE deposit plans with interest rates of 4% and 14%).

How do I purchase SPE?

SPE cryptocurrency cannot be purchased for cash. It would be best to buy other coins to exchange SPE tokens (the easiest way is to purchase DECL or USDT). To do this, register on WhiteBIT and buy altcoins. After that, you need to place an order to buy SPE at a favorable price. Please note that there is a minimum exchange limit on the exchange – 5 USDT.


Place an order on the exchange or use the exchanger.

The minimum order limit for all pairs on WhiteBIT is 5 USDT.

There is no way to buy SPE with cash.
Buy DECL or USDT and exchange for SPE.