Swap and catch prizes

Published 06 December 2022
Swap and catch prizes


What about WBT? That’s what: time to unlock 20% more tokens. This time you can also win WBT. Just join the WBT 1312 activity and compete for top prizes!


  • USDT on an external wallet (MetaMask, Tronlink, etc.) that supports the Tron (TRC20) or Ethereum (ERC20) network.
  • Swap, i.e., buy WBT in the USDT/WBT pool on the TRC20 or ERC20 network.
  • Buy WBT for a specific amount — 0.1312 USDT (minimum), 1.312 USDT, 13.12 USDT, 131.2 USDT, or 1312 USDT. Make sure you bought WBT for the correct amount of USDT.
  • Keep WBT in your wallet until the end of the activity.

Find a tutorial post on how to make a swap right here.

Bonus: keep at least 1 WBT in your wallet throughout December and receive an additional bonus. We will tell you what it is soon.

Duration: from the 5th till the 14th of December (18:00 UTC+2)

Winners: 84

Prize pool: 1312 WBT

The distribution of rewards:

  • 2 winners for the most swaps from one wallet – 131.2 WBT (65.6 WBT for the Tron and Ethereum networks);
  • 2 winners for the biggest swap of USDT to WBT from one wallet — 131.2 WBT (65.6 WBT for the Tron and Ethereum networks);
  • 80 random winners who meet all the requirements will receive 13.12 WBT each – 40 for the Tron and 40 for Ethereum networks.

Validation and rewards accrual

WhiteSwap is an AMM DEX, and all transactions are stored in a blockchain. Validation of the participants will be automatic due to a smart contract.

The accrual of rewards is also automatic. So, after the activity ends, the winners will receive their prizes quickly.

Go swap!