What is TABOO

Published 30 September 2021
What is TABOO


What is TABOO

TABOO is an NFT and adult streaming media platform. The project promotes personal development without limitations and prejudices. The slogan of the company is “There are no prohibitions in TABOO”.

TABOO is a deflationary BEP-20 token. According to the TABOO redistribution model, 7% commission is charged on every network transaction. 4% of these is added to liquidity, 2% is distributed among all TABOO holders, and another 1% is burned. This redistribution model is not implemented on WhiteBIT. In return, users can trade TABOO quickly and conveniently with only 0.1% commission, as well as use a variety of tools for trading and passive income.

TABOO coin price

Due to the redistribution structure of TABOO-DEFI, the asset remains in short supply and has preconditions for a price increase.

What can TABOO coin be used for?

  • Trading.
  • Payment for goods and services.

How to purchase TABOO?

TABOO cryptocurrency cannot be purchased with cash. Register on WhiteBIT and buy USDT. Then add an order to buy TABOO at a good price. Please note that the exchange has a minimum exchange limit of 5 USDT.


How to convert TABOO to USDT?
Place an order on WhiteBIT.
What is the limit on exchanging TABOO for USDT?
The minimum order limit for all pairs on WhiteBIT is 5 USDT.
How to purchase TABOO
- You cannot buy TABOO with cash.
- Buy USDT on WhiteBIT and exchange for TABOO.

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