Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

There are a wide variety of strategies with different investing risk levels. Dollar-cost averaging, ...
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21 September 2022

Passive income with crypto staking

Many crypto owners want to go beyond the “Buy&Hold” strategy for more earnings, but, on the other ha...
Read 4 minutes
17 May 2022

Registration & Account Setup

To start trading and using the full set of tools on our exchange, you need to create an account on W...
Read 5 minutes
02 September 2021

How to minimize losses during a market downfall

Trading cryptocurrency is often compared to playing in a casino — to calculate risks is difficult, t...
Read 4 minutes
10 August 2021

Types of crypto wallets

It’s no secret that storing crypto is different from holding fiat money....
Read 4 minutes
29 July 2021

What backs Bitcoin?

For 12 years now, the interest in Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, has been gradually incr...
Read 4 minutes
21 July 2021

What is NFT & does it have a future?

Have you ever thought of a possibility to purchase the scene of capturing the “sticky bandits”....
Read 4 minutes
09 July 2021

How to buy a good asset: pre-investment analysis

In the first article, we talked about tokenomics, different approaches to the analysis, micro- and m...
Read 5 minutes
19 June 2021

Meet our newest tool!

Introducing Buy Stock Market Order....
Read 2 minutes
19 June 2021

Tokenomics: to buy or not to buy

Tokenomics is one of the most effective methods for analyzing cryptocurrency....
Read 5 minutes
08 June 2021

Decimal Token: a solution for trading crypto whatever the price

We are happy to announce the release of Decimal Token (DECL)! This brand-new trading tool was create...
Read 2 minutes
06 May 2021

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies

Financial industry participants meet market capitalization of assets daily....
Read 4 minutes
31 March 2021

Bitcoin Fraud: types, schemes, security rules

The cryptocurrency environment is actively scaling and attracting new enthusiasts....
Read 5 minutes
17 March 2021

Benefits of using cryptocurrencies

The main advantage of using cryptocurrencies is the simplicity of transactions....
Read 3 minutes
10 March 2021

Psychology of crypto trading

Trading on the cryptocurrency market often resembles a marathon in which everyone wants to be the fi...
Read 3 minutes
03 March 2021
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