Win-Win: Crypto for You & Your Friend

Published 02 March 2023
Win-Win: Crypto for You & Your Friend


Guaranteed 2 USDT for you and 5 USDT for your referral. It’s simple: fulfill the conditions below and receive, at a minimum, the specified amount. What is the maximum? Whoever brings the most friends with their referral link will get as much as 50 WBT! The user in second place will win 30 WBT, and the one in third place will earn 20 WBT. If 5 or more friends come from your link, you automatically participate in the 200 WBT giveaway — 40 people will receive 5 WBT each. Here are the conditions for you.

Click-click & the prize is yours:

  • Sign up on the WhiteBIT exchange;
  • Verify identity (KYC);
  • Send your referral link to your friends, and help them with registration & identity verification (KYC);
  • Let your friends deposit their accounts with $25 in state currency or $50 in crypto & hold* the sum until you all receive the prizes;
  • Fill out the form.

Prize pool: 300 WBT + guaranteed 2 USDT to you & 5 USDT to your friend who fulfilled all conditions

Start: the 1st of March

Finish: the 31st of March

Winner announcement: the 6th of April**

Winners: 43 main & all who fulfilled the conditions

Reward distribution:

1st place — 50 WBT

2nd place — 30 WBT

3rd place — 20 WBT

40 random users — 5 WBT

You, if you meet the requirements — 2 USDT for each friend

Your friend who signed up using your link — 5 USDT each

* Remember that the funds can be on balance, in orders, or WhiteBIT Earn.

** You & your friends will get rewards on your balances within 7 business days.

You won’t receive the prize if:

  • You or your friends haven’t verified their identities, or they are overdue;
  • You didnʼt fill out the form or did it incorrectly;
  • You or your friends violate the rules of using the exchange;
  • You or your friends are citizens of russia, belarus & the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine;
  • Your friends haven’t deposited their balances or haven’t reached the specified amount;
  • Your friends withdrew funds before you all got the prize;
  • Have deposited via WhiteBIT Code, only deposits from bank cards or other exchanges are allowed;
  • Your friends haven’t met all the conditions.

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