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Published 07 June 2021

We appreciate our community and we’re always happy to hear from you. Engage in this week’s activity, share your ideas and win our merch or a $10 reward for simple actions:

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❕ Write sentences containing three words minimum. Avoid using emojis or stickers only.

We will announce the winner on the 14th of June at 9 a.m. UTC. Stay tuned!

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Other activities

📜 Do not violate the conditions & win without problems 📜

📜 Do not violate the conditions & win without problems 📜

When participating in the exchange activities, it is essential to remember the rules of our exchange. Failure to comply with them can result in disqualification.

23 March 2022
💥 We’ve got a plan! 💥

💥 We’ve got a plan! 💥

CBO SMART Staking plan, to be exact 😉

05 May 2022