⚡️ A new trading challenge is coming ⚡️

Published 17 June 2021

We will run our ASH trading competition from the 19th till the 29th of June. Trade the ASH/USDT pair and win the reward from the 15 000 ASH prize pool.

Increase the trading volume and profit!

WhiteBIT Team

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🧐 Tired of trading? 🧐

🧐 Tired of trading? 🧐

No problem! Try our new SMART Staking plans with Alone Coin out and start earning effortlessly from the 3rd of June.

03 June 2022
🤑 Need one more way to earn? 🤑

🤑 Need one more way to earn? 🤑

Try out our new SMART Staking plan with Centaurify and quickly boost your profits!

01 April 2022