Travel the multiverse of WhiteBIT

Published 15 May 2022
Travel the multiverse of WhiteBIT


Do you want to dive into an imaginary world and feel like a superhero? Then take part in our new activity! It will be challenging yet thrilling.

So, what is waiting for you? 

The activity consists of 5 stages where you need to complete a particular mission. The tasks will be published on Instagram and Twitter, follow us there to stay tuned for all the details. After the marathon finishes, you will have 5 more days to perform all the missions. A new task – a new form to send it.

You will receive points for successfully passing each stage:

✅ stage 1 – 10 points;

✅ stage 2 – 20 points;

✅ stage 3 – 30 points;

✅ stage 4 – 40 points;

✅ stage 5 – 50 points.

The maximum is 150 points.

The more points you get, the bigger reward is waiting for you.

Duration: from the 6th till the 15th of May

Prize pool: $1500

We will choose the winners on the 18th of May. After the winners are determined, the prizes will be sent out via e-mail within 5 working days.

Show off your superpower!

WhiteBIT Team