What is TYC

Published 16 September 2021
What is TYC


What is TYC

Tycoon is the first social trading ecosystem that serves as a link between beginners and experienced traders. The platform is designed so that both parties benefit. New traders minimize risks, and professional traders get paid for their services. On WhiteBIT, users can quickly trade TYC/USDT pairs with a commission of only 0.1%. The interface and technical analysis tools implemented on the exchange will make trading comfortable and straightforward for beginners and experienced traders.

TYC coin is an ERC-20 token with a maximum issue of 140 million TYC.

TYC coin price

The price of TYC during the private sale was $0.07, and during the crowd sale – $0.10.

What can I use TYC coin for?

There are several ways to use TYC:

  • Keep.
  • Trade.
  • To spend.

How to purchase TYC

TYC can be bought only for another cryptocurrency. For example, register on WhiteBIT and purchase USDT. Then place an order to buy TYC at a suitable price.


Using an order on WhiteBIT.

The minimum order limit is the equivalent of 5 USDT.

To find out the current rate of TYC to USDT, use the Trade tab.