Registration & Account Setup

Published 02 September 2021
Registration & Account Setup


How to sign up on WhiteBIT?

To start trading and using the full set of tools on our exchange, you need to create an account on WhiteBIT.

The sign-up process takes just a few minutes. For this, you should do the following:

  • Follow the link or click “Registration” in the top right corner of the website.
  • Enter your email address and come up with a password.
  • You will receive a letter asking you to confirm the registration. Please read the terms of use.
  • Click the Register button.
  • Check your email in a few minutes. Follow the link to confirm your email.


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We recommend activating 2FA and Anti-Phishing to add extra protection to your account. If you have signed up using a referral link, it will be automatically linked to your account.

How to log into your account?

The Log in button is located in the top right corner of the website.

Click on it, and you will be redirected to the login page.

  • Make sure you are using
  • Enter your email address and password, then go through the captcha. If you have 2FA activated, enter the code as well and click “Login”.

This is it! You will be automatically redirected to the Basic Trading page.

WhiteBIT account

The User’s Account button is in the top right corner of the website.

It includes the following sections:

  • Verification (KYC);

This section enables WhiteBIT users to submit their documents for identity verification (KYC).

Why is it necessary?

It is required to ensure the security of accounts and funds. Additionally, KYC contributes to anti-money laundering and prevents the financing of terrorism. Besides, it raises the withdrawal limit up to 100 BTC a day and allows withdrawals and deposits of fiat currencies.

How to pass KYC?

You will have to enter the required information and upload the pictures of your documents. You will also need to submit your photo or selfie. The process will take you 3 to 5 minutes. You can get more details on how to go through the verification here.

  • Account settings;

This section enables every user to create a unique personal nickname. Upon registration, every user gets a nickname identical to their email. You can change it if you want to.

You can also set up the automatic logout time in this section.

  • Security;

Security is an important part of your account. The section enables you to establish the following:

Password change. We recommend you change the password every 30 days, choose unique and complicated combinations, keep your password secret, and not disclose it to any third party.

Two-factor authorization. 2FA is an extra layer of account security. It ensures a user to be the only person with access to the account, even if a third party knows their password. We insist on setting it up to prevent potentially unauthorized access to your account. Please find a few spare minutes to set it up. You can get more details on its integration in the 2FA section.

Anti-Phishing. After activating the Anti-Phishing feature, you will be able to make sure that you receive letters from WhiteBIT and not from someone else.

Sessions. Here you can track your WhiteBIT account sessions. You can get the following information on your current and past sessions:

  • IP address;
  • user agent;
  • last active;
  • the Terminate button for shutting down any suspicious or the current session.
  • АPI;

Here you can generate the keys (TRADING KEY and TRADING & DEPOSIT/WITHDRAWAL KEY) to use our multifunctional API.

To start working with API, you will have to set up 2FA (the further disabling of 2FA will deactivate all API keys).

The activation/deactivation, integration of verified IP addresses, and generation of new keys are enabled via this section.

You can test our API with WhiteBIT DEMO Tokens.

You can learn more about it in the API documentation and the 2FA activation section.

Referral program

It Is a bonus program from WhiteBIT. You receive 40% of every trading fee paid by the people you have invited. It includes your unique referral link, information on your referrals, and the history of payments.

More details about our referral program conditions are available here.

How to change the password?

We recommend changing your password as often as possible and keeping it out of reach of others.

You can change the password in the Settings section. To get there, click the Account icon in the upper right corner of the exchange. Next, click the Security tab.

Enter your old password, pick a new one, and fill in all the required fields. After that, click “Change”, go through the captcha, and enter the 2FA code*.

Done! You will receive an email notification about the password change.

*if 2FA is not activated, the withdrawal will be possible only in 72 hours after changing the password. We recommend enabling two-factor authentication to secure your account and be able to withdraw funds immediately after changing the password.

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