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Published 30 November 2021

Our meme battle with PornRocket has already started. Make a meme on a topic associated with PRT and WhiteBIT & win a cool reward!

The requirements:

✅ follow @WhiteBit & @PORNROCKET_ on Twitter;
✅ like and repost this tweet;
✅ post your meme and tag #WhiteBITmeme, #PRTmeme, #NSFWappmeme & #PRTCompmeme;
✅ fill in this form.

Please note:

📌 only one meme from one participant can win. However, you can post more than one meme to raise your chances of winning;
📌 explicit language, sexism, racism, etc., are prohibited;
📌 the copyrights are the responsibility of the participant;
📌 WhiteBIT has full rights to post your memes.

The activity will last till the 6th of December (11:00 UTC). Become one of the 5 winners to share the 5 000 000 000 PRT prize pool!

WhiteBIT Team

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