Let’s Unite for the Great Cause

Published 27 September 2022
Let’s Unite for the Great Cause


We’re glad to announce fantastic news: we’ve partnered with the incredible Ukrainian project BRAVE LEGION. Everything to open up new opportunities for you and help Ukraine.

BRAVE LEGION is a creative front from the Public Organization “Gumbat” in the form of a charitable NFT collection. The organization’s members created 500 NFT Ukrainian characters with a WhiteBIT logo on their clothes or accessories. 90% of the sale of the NFT collection will go to help Ukraine.

Would you like to contribute to the support and reconstruction of Ukraine? Then buy NFTs and get rewarded.

Here’s what to do:

sign up on our exchange if you haven’t yet

pass the identity verification

buy an NFT

✅ fill out the form*

* Once a week, we will unload wallets that have made purchases.

To buy NFTs, do the following:

  • Select the browser.

  • Click the Install button, then click Install Extension.

  • Go to the extension, create a new wallet and come up with a password.

Be sure to remember the password recovery passphrase and agree to the extension’s terms of use. That’s it, SOLANA wallet is ready!

  • Next, tap on the puzzle icon in the upper right corner of the screen and tap the pin icon next to Phantom to pin the extension.

  • To deposit the wallet, you need to have funds on your WhiteBIT balance. 1 NFT costs 3 SOL. 0.1 SOL is worth the network fee. Before withdrawing funds to the wallet, exchange the required amount for SOL.

  • Click on the wallet in the upper right corner of the browser and select Deposit.

  • Select SOL and copy the wallet address. After that, go to the WhiteBIT platform and withdraw 3.1 SOL to the copied wallet address.

  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click the Select Wallet button, choose Phantom and click Connect.

  • Click Mint and confirm the transaction. That’s it, the NFT is bought.

  • To find the NFTs you bought, go to your wallet and tap on the cube at the bottom.

Rewards: each participant who has fulfilled the conditions are guaranteed to receive the status of a VIP client and a 15% discount on trading fees for one month*

* VIP status and the discount will become active within 7 days after filling out the form.

Let’s support Ukraine together!

WhiteBIT Team