What is XDN

Published 27 September 2021
What is XDN


What is XDN?

DigitalNote cryptocurrency (ticker XDN) was initially called duckNote. In September 2014, the project was rebranded, and it became known as DarkNote. Already in June 2015, the project received its current name DigitalNote. XDN is the internal coin of the project. The project developers focused on the creation and development of software tools that are responsible for user privacy.

As you know, the first conditionally anonymous way to conduct financial transactions is Bitcoin. After that, many other cryptocurrencies appeared. Some of them do offer complete anonymity.

Many users need to be confident in the confidentiality of their financial life. Accordingly, the demand for genuinely anonymous methods of conducting transactions began to increase. New coins began to appear, such as DigitalNote.

At the heart of the DigitalNote coin is CryptoNote technology, which, in turn, uses a software algorithm based on the principle of a ring signature, which makes it impossible to find out the identity of the user. Moreover, a temporary XDN wallet is available in the system. This allows you to sever the connection between the user’s financial transactions and hide his identity.

Another service that helps users communicate anonymously is a chat with encrypted messages provided by the developers of the DigitalNote coin. This method also helps to protect the confidentiality of individuals and funds.

XDN cryptocurrency has several unique features that other projects do not have. DigitalNote offers a coin mining option, which provides more earning opportunities for miners and allows you to expand your audience of users. The coin is mined using traditional mining methods. Unlike the Bitcoin network, the digital asset DigitalNote provides users with anonymity and complete security of financial transactions.

Technical features of DigitalNote cryptocurrency

  • High ASIC stability when mining.
  • The speed of the DigitalNote crypto network is 2.5 times faster than the Bitcoin network.
  • For each block formed, users receive 150 XDN.
  • The possibility of mining, including using the XDN mining pool.
  • The reward for mining blocks is constant, making the coin predictable and stable for miners.
  • The estimated volume of coins is 8 589 869 056 XDN.
  • The project operates based on a unique model that combines a market economy and blockchain technology.
  • The project is based on the Proof of Work and CryptoNight protocols.
  • CPU mining, which is suitable for medium-sized PCs and laptops.
  • The minimum commission is 0.001 XDN.

The project is rich in its unique technical characteristics and functionality. Such conditions should attract people interested in crypto mining and cryptocurrency, which will help the project development in the future.

XDN Price

At the beginning of its existence, the XDN cryptocurrency was trading at $ 0.00001193. The maximum price was fixed at the beginning of January 2018 – $ 0.09. You can find out the current course online at WhiteBIT.

Prospects for XDN coin

Here are some reasons why many miners and investors choose DigitalNote:

  • The coin operates based on the Proof of Work protocol, which expands the possibility of conducting network transactions. It also helps to recognize and repel hacker attacks. The nodes of the system change their complexity depending on the generation of blocks, and the formation of blocks almost does not overload the system, thanks to which it is possible to mine coins even on the most straightforward computers;
  • through a peer-to-peer structure, the network maintains confidentiality and independence. Users are not required to enter their personal data to conduct a transaction. All people around will be able to see only the time of the operation and its amount;
  • minimum commissions for transactions;
  • the developers have worked to ensure the maximum level of security for the coin.

All of the above qualities of the project say only one thing – the token

DigitalNote has good prospects for development since the asset provides users anonymity and charges low commissions, which is undoubtedly a priority for many investors and traders.

How do I buy XDN?

If you are already a user of the WhiteBIT exchange, it will not be difficult for you to buy an XDN coin. Log into your account and find the “Trading” section. Find XDN in the list of available crypto assets presented and create an order. A market order is executed in a split second. The limit order will be executed when the XDN rate reaches a certain level.


How to convert XDN to BTC?
In order to convert XDN coin, you need to use the trading tools of the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

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