Published 21 September 2021

What is XRP?

The Ripple digital currency (ticker XRP) was created to change the banking sector and cross-border transfers. It has been consistently ranked in the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies for many years.

The RipplePay protocol was developed in 2005, a few years before the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. With its help, users on the Internet could make transactions directly between themselves.

The protocol developers wanted to remove intermediaries in banks and create a trusted peer-to-peer network in which users could lend to each other independently.

In 2012, Chris Larsen joined the team, after which the XRP cryptocurrency was created. It is based on the redesigned RipplePay protocol. The updated concept contained the old features, but it added the characteristics of the cash register system and several other innovations. The XRP cryptocurrency is open source, and it works inside the Ripple registry.

XRP is a global intermediary for the exchange of both digital and fiat currencies. Many digital currencies cannot be directly exchanged with each other; for this reason, financial institutions use the US dollar as an intermediary.

XRP price 

The XRP rate in 2013 was $0.0042. In early January 2018, the price of the coin reached $3.37. To track the current value of the token, use the tools of the WhiteBit cryptocurrency exchange.

Prospects for XRP coin

Ripple Labs is actively working on expanding the geography of its influence. More than 200 major financial institutions worldwide are partners of Ripple (for example, BBVA, Banco Santander, Westpac, Standard Chartered Bank, etc.).

The deflationary mechanism built into the coin protocol strongly affects the price of XRP in the long term. Each transaction burns 0.00001 XRP forever, so there are fewer coins every day.

Every year, $155 trillion worth of cross-border payments are made in the world. The development team strives to ensure that the XRP cryptocurrency becomes an intermediary in this global market. Ripple offers low fees, a transaction speed of 4 seconds, and a high level of security. All of the above points to the vast prospects of the project.

On WhiteBit, you can purchase XRP in a couple of clicks. In addition, users can trade with a commission of only 0.1%.

How to purchase XRP

You can buy XRP in just a couple of clicks; for this you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to the WhiteBit exchange or register if you don’t have one yet;
  2. Go to the “Trade” section;
  3. Choose a cryptocurrency pair;
  4. Create an order.

All this will take about one minute.


How to convert XRP to BTC?
To do this, you need to have an internal XRP wallet with a positive balance. You can exchange cryptocurrencies in the "Trade" section on WhiteBIT.
XRP to BTC. Details of the course
The XRP rate, like any other digital currency, is volatile; to find out the current value of the token, you need to follow the link.
What is the limit for exchanging XRP for BTC?
The minimum purchase amount on the WhiteBIT exchange:
- 5.05 USD, USDT;
- 4.20 EUR;
- 0.0001 BTC.
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