Your First Crypto: The Most Pleasant Introduction to the Crypto World in the Giveaway

You have probably heard that the first pancake is lumpy. Is it always like that? We easily debunk this myth with our activity for users who have not deposited funds to their balance on our exchange. Everything is simple: you make a deposit on our exchange for the first time and thereby take part in the giveaway of $8300* (in BTC). Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Read the details of the challenge below and join!

✔️ Sign up on the exchange if you haven’t yet.

✔️ Pass a quick identity verification.

✔️ Make your first deposit on our exchange in the amount of at least $200 in the equivalent of any cryptocurrency or $50 in the equivalent of any national currency.

Duration: from the 1st till the 30th of September

Prize pool: $8300 (in BTC)

Winners: 401

The winners will be determined on the 5th of October.

*at the 18th of August rate

🏆 Distribution of rewards:

  • 200 users who deposit at least $200 in the equivalent of any cryptocurrency will share the $4000 prize pool (in BTC).
  • 200 users who deposit at least $50 in the equivalent of any national currency will share the $4000 prize pool (in BTC).
  • A user who deposits the largest amount to their balance in one payment in cryptocurrency or national currency will receive a grand prize of 300 USDT.

📌 If you deposit both cryptocurrency and national currency and get selected by the randomizer in both categories, you will be able to receive a reward for one of the categories, where the deposit amount is larger.

❗️ Who will NOT receive a reward:

❌ users who have already made deposits on the exchange;

❌ participants who have not verified their identity;

❌ participants with invalid personal documents;

❌ accounts that violate the rules of the platform (multiple accounts, exchange services, etc.)

❌ users from Russia, Belarus, Crimea, and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

We will send out the rewards as WhiteBIT Codes within 5 business days after the winners are announced.

It’s time to take a bold step into the crypto world and get rewarded!

WhiteBIT Team