Terms and Conditions of the “Your lucky ticket” Promotion

Published 10 August 2023
Terms and Conditions of the “Your lucky ticket” Promotion


The Organizer of the Promotion is UAB Clear White Technologies, incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania under the number LT-03224, and has a registered office address: J. Basanaviiaus g. 26 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

Promotion’s duration: from 4 p.m. UTC on August 10, 2023, till 4 p.m. UTC on August 27, 2023.

Territory of the Promotion: The Promotion is held on the territory of all countries, with the exception of Afghanistan, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Somalia, North Korea, the Northern Mariana Islands, Spain, the USA, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Transnistria, the temporarily occupied territories of Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Northern Cyprus, Western Sahara, Amazonia, Canada, Kosovo, the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

The Promotion is held to popularize WhiteBIT services and the community.

The Organizer of the Campaign can be contacted by email at support@whitebit.com or via chat at https://whitebit.com.

The Promotion is not a gambling, lottery, gaming business service, or contest; these Terms are not a public promise of reward.

Information about the Promotion is provided on the basis of advertising rights.

Participants of the Promotion are adult citizens of non-prohibited countries (that is, except those specified above) or other persons who are legally present in the territory of such countries and who have fulfilled the following Conditions:

  • Registered on the official website, WhiteBIT, and passed the identity verification (KYC) procedure;
  • Have purchased cryptocurrency on the WhiteBIT platform for the first time;
  • Have not withdrawn funds from the Participant’s exchange balance until the announcement of the Promotion Winners;
  • Went to the Promotion page by the LINK from posts about the launch of the Promotion in the Organizer’s social networks or the Organizer’s advertising on the internet.
  • Selected a ticket that provides a pass to participate in the Promotion on the Promotions page. Important! If, after opening the ticket, the Participant sees the inscription that the opened ticket is not a pass for participation in the Promotion, the Participant must choose the next ticket.
  • Filled out the form that will open on the Promotions page immediately after selecting a ticket, which provides a pass, where the Participant must indicate his nickname on the WhiteBIT exchange and the address of the Polygon network wallet. The Participant of the Promotion must create a wallet on the Polygon network if they did not have one before participating in the Promotion.

The Terms of the Promotion must be fulfilled within the conduction period.

Any personal data of participants in the Promotion is processed in order to ensure participation in the Promotion, marketing relations, advertising relations, tax relations, and accounting relations.

Employees, representatives, or agents of the Organizer and their relatives (first and second degree of kinship) are not eligible to participate in the Promotion. In the event that at the time of the provision of the Prize it is established that the person participating in the Promotion cannot be a Participant of the Promotion in accordance with these Rules, such person is not entitled to receive the Prize.

Participants of the Promotion who have fulfilled all the Conditions have the opportunity to become Winners and receive a part of the Main Prize Fund — 3000 USDT (in equivalence of various cryptocurrencies). The Main Prize will be distributed in parts among the Winners as follows:

Pool 1 — 50 USDT — 7 Winners;

Pool 2 — 100 USDT — 4 Winners;

Pool 3 — 20 USDT — 10 Winners;

Pool 4 — 10 USDT — 26 Winners;

Pool 5 — 15 USDT — 29 Winners;

Pool 6 — 12 USDT — 34 Winners;

Pool 7 — 73 USDT — 4 Winners;

Pool 8 — 155 USDT — 1 Winner;

Pool 9 — 500 USDT — 1 Winner.

Participants of the Promotion who fulfilled all the Сonditions of the Promotion, but did not receive the Main Prize, have the opportunity to receive an Additional Prize, namely WhiteBIT NFT.

The maximum possible number of Promotion Winners who will receive the Main Prize is 116 persons. The number of Participants who have the right to receive an Additional Prize is unlimited.

One Winner may win only one of the Prizes from either the Main or Additional Prize Pool.

According to the results of the Promotion, the Organizer forms a list of Participants who have fulfilled all the Terms of the Promotion from 27.08.2023 to 03.09.2023.

The Winners of the Promotion will be determined after the Organizer forms the list of Participants on September 3, 2023. The winners of the Promotion will be 116 Participants who will be determined using the random.org service, automatically, among all Participants who meet the Promotion Terms. Winners are determined by rating (place in the list on the https://www.random.org/ service).

The Organizer shall credit the Main Prize to the Main balance of the user’s account on the WhiteBIT exchange within 5 business days from the day following the announcement of the Winners, but no later than 09.09.2023 inclusively. The Additional Prize will be credited within 5 business days from the day following the announcement of the Winners, but no later than 09.09.2023 inclusively, to the Polygon network wallet.

The Winners of the Promotion will be informed of the Prize accrual by a letter to the email address specified during registration on https://whitebit.com/ within two business days after all Prizes are accrued.

If it is impossible to contact the Winner or if they fail to comply with these Rules, such Winner loses the Winner’s status, and such right passes to the next Winner in the list.

The Winner receives a Prize for free. The Prize cannot be replaced. The Promotion Winner has no right to demand any other compensation from the Organizer.

The received Prize is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

The Organizer does not bear any warranty obligations for the Prize received within the framework of this Promotion and under the conditions specified in these Rules.

The Participant of the Promotion has the right to refuse the Prize.

Winners determined by the Promotion results cannot transfer the rights to receive the Prize to third parties.

The Organizer does not compensate the additional expenses of the Winner related to the receipt of the Prize. Taxation of the income of the Winners who received the Prize is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the country of which the Winner is a citizen or the place of residence of the Winner.

In case of non-receipt of the Prize, if the Winner was entitled to it, or in case of any other difficulties, the Winner must contact online support at https://whitebit.com or by email at support@whitebit.com no later than on the 17th of September, 2023 inclusively. If the Winner does not contact the support within the specified period of receiving the Prize, including on the issues of not receiving the Prize, the Winner loses the right to receive it.

The Organizer of the Promotion is not responsible for the work of the services of telecommunications companies, postal communication, in particular email, for any errors of the employees of any enterprises/institutions/organizations that ensure the exchange of information between the Participants of the Promotion and the Organizer, or for the circumstances as a result of which postal items did not arrive, arrived late, were lost or damaged; or as a result of which the Promotion Participant did not receive the corresponding Prize.

The Organizer does not compensate the additional expenses of the Winner related to receiving the Prize. Taxation of the income of the Winners who received the Prize is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Winners’ countries.

By participating in the Promotion, the Participant understands and agrees that any information voluntarily provided by him, including the Participant’s personal data, may be processed by the Organizer or third parties involved by him in order to conduct the Promotion, to carry out all necessary actions related to it (including, but not exclusively, informing about the results of the Promotion both in advertising and in another way), as well as further possible sending of information to the Participant, including of an advertising nature, about the following events/competitions/promotions/draws of the Organizer. By accepting the requirements of these Terms, the Participants thereby consent to such processing of personal data for the purpose of use by the Organizer and / or other authorized Organizers and confirm their full understanding and necessary awareness of the purposes of processing the information provided, as well as the privacy policy: https://whitebit.com/privacy-policy.

At the same time, the Participants of the Promotion by their participation in the Promotion confirm their consent to the use of their surnames and names without financial compensation, as well as their agreement to comply with other rules of the Promotion. The Winners confirm their consent to provide advertising interviews about participation in the Promotion in the media, including on radio and television, as well as to be photographed for producing graphic materials without paying them any monetary compensation. All exclusive intellectual property rights to such interviews and photographs will belong to the Organizer.

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the Promotion. In case of any changes, information about this will be provided on the https://whitebit.com website and Organizer’s social networks.

The Organizer does not enter into disputes that may arise between the Promotion’s Participants concerning the Prize. In the event of situations that allow ambiguous interpretation of these Rules and / or issues not regulated by these Rules, the Organizer of the Promotion makes the final decision in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the participating countries. In this case, the decision of the Organizer of the Promotion is final and not subject to appeal.

List of winners

innocent_whitebit_token#2483 50 USDT
tan_dai#0174 50 USDT
quiet_graph#3123 50 USDT
important_mirror_protocol#2310 50 USDT
right_ripple#0258 50 USDT
AriyCeZarya#2730 50 USDT
exciting_compound#9769 50 USDT
RuhaniLider#3966 10869565,22 SHIB
draconian_streamr#1509 10869565,22 SHIB
aggressive_gala#3203 10869565,22 SHIB
0xgokdeniz#8468 10869565,22 SHIB
anianne#8125 0,000685 BTC
smooth_cardano#7489 0,000685 BTC
pointless_mirror_protocol#1871 0,000685 BTC
feeble_edain#1366 0,000685 BTC
KattyS#1145 0,000685 BTC
vynohradnia#0538 0,000685 BTC
expensive_zcash#5971 0,000685 BTC
obsequious_bittorrent#7264 0,000685 BTC
Mzain23#1620 0,000685 BTC
various_whitebit_token#2642 0,000685 BTC
jumpy_superfarm#5404 0,4323 SOL
different_idex#9158 0,4323 SOL
purple_radicle#3634 0,4323 SOL
free_tether#0849 0,4323 SOL
seemly_whitebit_token#5357 0,4323 SOL
turnoffthelights#4095 0,4323 SOL
Artemkaa#6464 0,4323 SOL
Prytykovskyi47#3996 0,4323 SOL
fos_seven#8704 0,4323 SOL
dykyn94andriy#9081 0,4323 SOL
GerardRlt#8092 0,4323 SOL
yevhenii#0974 0,4323 SOL
shocking_nkn#2641 0,4323 SOL
intelligent_tether#6725 0,4323 SOL
waste_fantom#9304 0,4323 SOL
responsible_xiden#1486 0,4323 SOL
Hemeali#5918 0,4323 SOL
pathetic_sandbox#4687 0,4323 SOL
naive_balancer#8279 0,4323 SOL
yellow_bitcoin#9344 0,4323 SOL
ssq#4253 0,4323 SOL
Nataliya_Krop#4955 0,4323 SOL
amazing_loopring#1398 0,4323 SOL
bungaZ#2147 0,4323 SOL
StanislavG#2776 0,4323 SOL
Stor#0834 0,4323 SOL
rich_unifi#7540 0,0081588 ETH
humdrum_sun#6884 0,0081588 ETH
gaping_bitcoin#8497 0,0081588 ETH
Victory99#9240 0,0081588 ETH
hungry_fantom#2127 0,0081588 ETH
various_optimism#0306 0,0081588 ETH
pleasant_near#0283 0,0081588 ETH
Busoo#4496 0,0081588 ETH
magnificent_tribe#8621 0,0081588 ETH
various_synthetix#9176 0,0081588 ETH
heavy_stellar#3883 0,0081588 ETH
lame_idex#5269 0,0081588 ETH
every_cardano#1820 0,0081588 ETH
cute_tron#9752 0,0081588 ETH
workable_ankr#3091 0,0081588 ETH
complete_fantom#0653 0,0081588 ETH
regular_avalanche#6880 0,0081588 ETH
false_voxies#6144 0,0081588 ETH
broken_ankr#8793 0,0081588 ETH
boundless_whiteswap#4822 0,0081588 ETH
OguzKaan#4249 0,0081588 ETH
proper_hedera#3606 0,0081588 ETH
Etty#3470 0,0081588 ETH
southern_voxies#4372 0,0081588 ETH
Ksandr#4040 0,0081588 ETH
nv11na#0283 0,0081588 ETH
scattered_centaurify#8741 0,0081588 ETH
Andre_S07#4625 0,0081588 ETH
triumph#1936 0,0081588 ETH
tucu#1375 41,0711 ADA
Lindviora#8364 41,0711 ADA
serap#7799 41,0711 ADA
unsuitable_waves#6531 41,0711 ADA
lonely_monero#3050 41,0711 ADA
hungry_bittorrent#7328 41,0711 ADA
homely_polkadot#1050 41,0711 ADA
mervo#7159 41,0711 ADA
boiling_nooft#4947 41,0711 ADA
annem#5756 41,0711 ADA
sergogo#0422 41,0711 ADA
Vadimka_dir#6714 41,0711 ADA
anychumak#6070 41,0711 ADA
Vitliyovu4#3582 41,0711 ADA
past_pax#8199 41,0711 ADA
dimkq#4656 41,0711 ADA
spiritual_serum#5104 41,0711 ADA
several_xrdoge#3726 41,0711 ADA
peaceful_vulcan#7503 41,0711 ADA
adult_theta#2812 41,0711 ADA
furry_pointpay#8397 41,0711 ADA
plane_idex#5142 41,0711 ADA
old_fashioned_shiba_inu#3995 41,0711 ADA
Krop_Peace#7210 41,0711 ADA
Nnona_13#6286 41,0711 ADA
MaCT#2340 41,0711 ADA
telling_axie_infinity#1335 41,0711 ADA
memulunk#8468 41,0711 ADA
hissing_near#9400 41,0711 ADA
Yrec42#9202 41,0711 ADA
fedorenko_bogdan#3987 41,0711 ADA
grouchy_near#2605 41,0711 ADA
tentuk#0324 41,0711 ADA
greasy_whiteswap#5950 41,0711 ADA
Bogdan_blushcik05#4302 117,7457 XRP
large_zcash#4055 117,7457 XRP
wary_polkadot#3118 117,7457 XRP
milky_tezos#0747 117,7457 XRP
fretful_uniswap#0218 136,7687 ARB
noiseless_monero#3896 89,5255 WBT

All other Participants of the Promotion will receive 1 NFT each on their wallets in the Polygon network.

Important! Unfortunately, we had to disqualify several participants from the list of Winners due to violations of the Promotion’s Terms and Conditions and multi-accounts. As a result, we had to determine new Winners accordingly. Here is their list: