Changes are already here

Published 25 November 2022
Changes are already here


We are here to make blockchain technology more accessible, and, of course, we start with ourselves. New design, new communication, even more fantastic products, and even more incredible partnerships. And we still remember the gifts too.

Shall we play?

In our blog, we will tell more about the redesign, changes, and path of WhiteBIT from a Ukrainian startup to the largest crypto exchange in Europe.

Of course, we want our users to read the WhiteBIT blog constantly, but we recommend that you do this even more carefully starting from the 25th of November. We will publish posts where we will hide fragments of promo codes three times a week. 3 fragments = 1 promo code = 150 USDT. The more you read, the more chances you have. Special for you, part of the first promo code right here: WB474b05f7-


Redesign challenges will also be waiting for you on our social networks. Along with prizes, of course. The winners will be announced in December during a live broadcast on our YouTube channel.

There is so much going on that we urge you to follow us on social media. This way, you definitely won’t miss anything!