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WhiteBIT x TradingView: Endless Horizons for Spot Trading

Enjoying our spot trading tools? We went further and are thrilled to announce that WhiteBIT has been...
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28 February 2024

New Payment Provider ZEN!

We are thrilled to introduce the integration with the ZEN payment provider for deposits and withdraw...
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20 February 2024

The Future of Technology in Sports: A Fruitful Discussion at the Sports Tomorrow Congress 2024

We continue to fill this year with participation in large-scale events that gather hundreds of repre...
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16 February 2024

WhiteBIT Launchpad: Meet ivendPay

ivendPay is a crypto payment system for retail, e-commerce, and vending machines. The mission of the...
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14 February 2024

WhiteBIT Network Changes Its Name to Whitechain and Shares Important Updates

Our blockchain, WB Network, has changed its name to Whitechain. The new name reflects our long-term ...
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08 February 2024

WhiteBIT Sub-Account: Multiple Trading Strategies Under One Roof

Sub-Account is an auxiliary account the user creates in addition to their Main Account on the exchan...
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09 January 2024

Deposit Funds to WhiteBIT in 15 Currencies with WhiteEX Cards

Great news: the list of currencies supported by WhiteEX crypto cards has expanded. Now, you have eve...
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27 December 2023

Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary of WhiteBIT!

Five years signifies more than just the time span during which WhiteBIT has thrived; it represents a...
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19 November 2023

WhiteBIT Gave Voice to Kyiv’s Closed Monuments

Art has always been a tool for expressing feelings, thoughts, and perceptions of the surrounding wor...
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16 November 2023

The Next Level of Your Opportunities Is the VIP Program at WhiteBIT

We constantly add new features and embody a unique approach to interacting with WhiteBIT users....
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07 November 2023
Price alerts on WhiteBITPrice alerts on WhiteBIT

Get Notified of Price Changes Both in the App and on the Web Version of the Exchange

Have you already set up price change notifications in your WhiteBIT app? It’s an incredibly va...
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26 October 2023

Security Update When Changing the Password and Deactivating 2FA

Preventative safety measures should never be overlooked, so let's not delay them. We're excited to i...
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25 October 2023

Meet JovJou on WhiteBIT

JOVJOU is the native token of the JovJou project and provides a distinct utility by allowing users t...
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17 October 2023

Optimized Fee on SEPA Deposits and Withdrawals for B2B Clients

SEPA, or the Single Euro Payments Area, has consistently proven to be one of the most user-friendly ...
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17 October 2023

Your WhiteBIT Card Just Got Better: The Latest Features Already on the Exchange Page

With WhiteBIT Card, you can make payments in popular currencies in many parts of the world. In our l...
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10 October 2023
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