A part of 10 000 VICA is almost yours!

Join our airdrop with VICA Token (VICA) and get your reward.

07 December 2022

Swap and catch prizes

What about WBT? That’s what: time to unlock 20% more tokens. This time you can also win WBT. Just join the WBT 1312 activity and compete for top prizes!

06 December 2022

Two steps and 93 000 BITCI is yours

New activity with Bitcicoin (BITCI) is on. Eager to win 93 000 BITCI? Complete a few simple steps and join the battle.

05 December 2022

Your successful start 🥳

It’s a success story of our winners. Congratulations on the start of your trading career!

05 December 2022
9100 XSPECT to one winner

9100 XSPECT to one winner 🙌

New activity with xSPECTAR (XSPECT) is on. A few simple actions and the prize is yours

30 November 2022

Changes are already here

We are here to make blockchain technology more accessible, and, of course, we start with ourselves.

25 November 2022

Make WBT your plus-one 👀

Add WBT to the Watchlist on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap to get a share of 200 WBT!

18 November 2022

💡 How to earn more effortlessly? 💡

Try our new SMART Staking plans with Elan Token. Hold ELAN for up to 180 days and receive your interest! 

06 October 2022

Let’s Unite for the Great Cause

We’re glad to announce fantastic news: we’ve partnered with the incredible Ukrainian project BRAVE LEGION. Everything to open up new opportunities for you and help Ukraine.

27 September 2022

🪙 Cuprum Coin wants to be in your pocket 🪙

Our new SMART Staking plan with CUC offers you to enjoy life while the money comes to you by itself.

13 September 2022

😴 Rest while your funds grow 😴

Passive income is not a myth. Our SMART Staking plans prove this every time.

11 August 2022

It’s worth giving a shot

Earning on crypto is easy! Our new SMART Staking plan with GULF allows you to receive a sweet interest with minimal efforts.

20 July 2022

Make crypto work for you

Increase your income passively with a new SMART Staking plan with Inflation Hedging Coin.

06 June 2022

Tired of trading?

No problem! Try our new SMART Staking plans with Alone Coin out and start earning effortlessly from the 3rd of June.

03 June 2022

Make use of a new earning opportunity

Meet a new VOLT SMART Staking plan!

02 June 2022
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