Types of NFTs

Once again, WhiteBIT and WOO joined forces to share their knowledge about NFTs with users. What kind...
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12 August 2022
nftwhat is nft

NFTs: Why Are They Needed, And Do They Have Any Value?

It’s time to learn with WhiteBIT and WOO Network! NFT is a non-fungible token created on a blockchai...
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05 August 2022

Track the crypto rates on Apple Watch

Did you know that you can track the rate of crypto assets right on your Apple Watch? Here is a quick...
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04 August 2022

How to add our widget on a smartphone?

You have probably seen the Widget Tickers section in the settings of our app....
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04 August 2022

Up or Down: All You Need to Know About Bull and Bear Markets

The crypto market is subjected to significant fluctuations every day, but there are periods when ass...
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28 July 2022

Whitepay: Everything You Need to Know

If you regularly follow the news of our exchange, you probably often see posts about Whitepay’s part...
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22 July 2022

Blockchain Oracle: How It Works and Why We Need It

Blockchains and smart contracts are limited to data within the network itself. To solve this problem...
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13 July 2022

Top Crypto Trading Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide

When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched, it didn't change anyone's world; most people t...
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08 July 2022

Crypto Wallets: The Home of Digital Assets

Storing national currencies is common. Some keep their savings under a mattress, in a bank, invest i...
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06 July 2022

API: A Complex but Important Tool in Simple Words

The term API is widely used by software developers and those who has something to do with the "stuff...
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29 June 2022

Perpetual Futures Contracts Are Here!

We’re excited to announce that futures trading is soon to join the functionality of our exchange! In...
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10 June 2022

The Details of the New Markets Tab Explained

We are pleased to announce that we have added a separate section to view current information on trad...
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07 June 2022

WhiteBIT Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ukrainian crypto exchanges compete with worldwide-known platforms regarding service quality, trading...
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30 May 2022

Trader’s investment portfolio: where to start?

Crypto trading is not only a game with your intuition but also a clear approach, which consists of q...
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23 May 2022

Trading on WhiteBIT for Newbies

In the material, we will walk you through all the stages of trading and exchanging assets, introduce...
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20 May 2022
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