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How Does the Passkey Verification Method Work?

Let's talk about passkey, a unique identifier that helps to protect user assets on the exchange furt...
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07 March 2024

All You Need to Know About WhiteBIT “Convert”. How to Use a Crypto Converter?

The “Convert” function allows the exchange of all digital and fiat currencies featured on the WhiteB...
Read 10 minutes
19 December 2023

All the Features You Might Not Know About

Recently, we've had numerous updates, so be sure to check out the new features. But keeping track of...
Read 10 minutes
06 November 2023

WhiteBIT Trading Competitions: The Birth of Trading Legends

Greetings! It’s updated Trading Competitions calling. We've fused the spirit of healthy competition ...
Read 10 minutes
20 September 2023

Vote for New Projects and Be the First to Receive Tokens Within WhiteBIT Launchpad

WhiteBIT Launchpad is a platform that offers a unique opportunity to support promising crypto projec...
Read 10 minutes
16 August 2023

SoulDrop Explained

The WhiteBIT ecosystem is constantly evolving to keep up with the progress of the blockchain industr...
Read 5 minutes
04 August 2023

Find New Trading Opportunities Thanks to TradingView Advanced Chart on WhiteBIT

TradingView is a technical analysis platform and social network that provides traders and investors ...
Read 10 minutes
21 July 2023

Even easier, even more convenient

Your user experience is our top priority. Guided by this principle, we constantly implement updates ...
Read 10 minutes
11 July 2023

Margin Trading on WhiteBIT

Margin trading is a tool that allows trading assets on the market using borrowed funds, enabling tra...
Read 10 minutes
03 July 2023

Stop-Loss and Take-Profit Orders on WhiteBIT

We are thrilled to introduce Take-Profit (TP) and Stop-Loss (SL) to you!...
Read 5 minutes
29 June 2023

Account settings: A complete guide

We prioritize continuous improvement by regularly enhancing our platform's functionality and introdu...
Read 10 minutes
27 June 2023

What is Depth of Market?

The cryptocurrency world is full of tools that display the current state of assets and help make tra...
Read 10 minutes
17 May 2023

What is Profit and Loss (PNL), and How to Calculate It?

PNL, or Profit and Loss, is a financial metric that determines the profits or losses of various indu...
Read 10 minutes
12 May 2023

How to withdraw crypto to bank account?

Many beginners wonder how to withdraw cryptocurrency to a bank account and if it is easy to do....
Read 10 minutes
31 March 2023

Futures Trading on WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT tries to provide traders with comfortable conditions and all the necessary trading tools. O...
Read 10 minutes
29 March 2023
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