Web 3.0 & Finance

In the recent WhiteBIT x WOO Network article, you consolidated your knowledge or learned for the fir...
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23 September 2022

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

There are a wide variety of strategies with different investing risk levels. Dollar-cost averaging, ...
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21 September 2022

CBDC: Digital Currency Pegged to a National Currency

Cashless payments have long gained considerable popularity, simplifying our daily lives. Besides, th...
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13 September 2022

How to Create NFTs for Free and with No Expertise in IT

Did you know that anyone can create NFTs? Even if you don't have special education or skills in the ...
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19 August 2022

Types of NFTs

Once again, WhiteBIT and WOO joined forces to share their knowledge about NFTs with users. What kind...
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12 August 2022
nftwhat is nft

NFTs: Why Are They Needed, And Do They Have Any Value?

It’s time to learn with WhiteBIT and WOO Network! NFT is a non-fungible token created on a blockchai...
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05 August 2022

Up or Down: All You Need to Know About Bull and Bear Markets

The crypto market is subjected to significant fluctuations every day, but there are periods when ass...
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28 July 2022

Whitepay: Everything You Need to Know

If you regularly follow the news of our exchange, you probably often see posts about Whitepay’s part...
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22 July 2022

Crypto Smart Contracts Explained

Smart contracts are one of the most important elements of blockchain technology. So, what is a smart...
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14 July 2022

Blockchain Oracle: How It Works and Why We Need It

Blockchains and smart contracts are limited to data within the network itself. To solve this problem...
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13 July 2022

Top Crypto Trading Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide

When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched, it didn't change anyone's world; most people t...
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08 July 2022

Crypto Wallets: The Home of Digital Assets

Storing national currencies is common. Some keep their savings under a mattress, in a bank, invest i...
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06 July 2022

API: A Complex but Important Tool in Simple Words

The term API is widely used by software developers and those who has something to do with the "stuff...
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29 June 2022

Trader’s investment portfolio: where to start?

Crypto trading is not only a game with your intuition but also a clear approach, which consists of q...
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23 May 2022

Cross-chain Bridges: How They Achieve Blockchain Compatibility

Over the past couple of years, the number of different layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains has increased...
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02 May 2022
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