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WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona Foster Blockchain Education

Published 07 March 2024
WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona Foster Blockchain Education


The framework of an official partnership between WhiteBIT and FC Barcelona presupposes versatile interaction in various areas of collaboration. One of the most tangible results of the joint efforts is the newly announced launch of an educational program on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency called “Game-Changing Tech: Mastering Blockchain.” The course is available on the platform of Barça Innovation Hub, a part of FC Barcelona’s ecosystem, aiming to promote the latest innovations and modern technologies.

The course’s primary objective is to cultivate an understanding of blockchain technologies and investigate their practical applications in both daily life and professional settings. It offers a detailed explanation of how blockchain technology intersects with sports and how exactly it is integrated into the industry.

The syllabus covers fundamental topics necessary for a profound understanding of the industry: classification of digital assets and the detailed overview of Bitcoin and Ethereum; the tools to interact with cryptocurrencies, including wallets and crypto exchanges; the basics of trading; implementation of blockchain innovations into various industries on the example of the sports industry and football clubs. To top it up, the program overviews career opportunities in the crypto industry for those who have mastered the knowledge and are eager to proceed with implementing it into their professional life.

Practical examples from WhiteBIT, a trusted cryptocurrency partner of FC Barcelona with extensive experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain development, enrich the course’s theoretical content.

Since technology evolves at a rapid pace, blockchain emerges as a pivotal force, transforming various sectors, including finance, sports, education, logistics, and many more. Let’s consider sports as an example. Numerous aspects, such as ticket distribution, fan engagement, and transparency, have been revolutionized across various industry sectors thanks to blockchain implementation. The further we develop, the more vivid it gets that mass adoption of blockchain technology is at full swing, so understanding it is a must for those who want to keep up,” comments Volodymyr Nosov, founder and CEO of WhiteBIT.

The course is now accessible on the Barça Innovation Hub platform, with the first session set to start on March 10, 2024. New enrollments will be accepted monthly, with a suggested time commitment of 6 to 8 hours per week. The Barça Innovation Hub and WhiteBIT are also working on a scholarship program for students, with additional information to be released shortly.

Refer to the course and start your learning adventure guided by professionals!