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Sharing results has become faster and easier!

We have added the ability to share your open trade positions. How? See the instructions below....
24 November 2022

We are 4 years old! Did what, party how?

4 years, 3 million users, 150 countries, 5 international offices, and a massive field for new opport...
19 November 2022

Depositing Funds to WhiteBIT Is Now Available Through Almost 30,000 Payment Terminals!

Europe's biggest cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT introduces a new depositing service. Now you can d...
18 November 2022

WhiteBIT and Valencia Marathon Partnership

WhiteBIT became a partner of the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich and  Valencia Marath...
10 November 2022

Never Slowing Down | Meet WBT at MEXC

Our token's flight map has many more destinations. So right after, WBT hit the road....
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02 November 2022

Margin trading fee updated: what’s new

Margin trading allows using borrowed funds to increase the potential profit from crypto trading. The...
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31 October 2022

You Set the Level!

If you wonder what’s behind the drive and motivation to implement the boldest ideas, we would answer...
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28 October 2022

Perpetual Futures Contracts as a Tool for Hedging Risks

There is a perpetual futures functionality available on our platform. We offer the USDⓈ-M futures co...
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27 October 2022

🥳 BLXM has joined us 🥳

bloXmove provides a protocol and a decentralized transaction-as-a-service platform that reinvents mo...
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26 October 2022

Following WBT | The Next Destination is

WhiteBIT Token is moving steadily through the cryptocurrency space and has already managed to make a...
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25 October 2022

WhiteBIT Partners With DreamHack

WhiteBIT has partnered with DreamHack, the world's largest video game event that will be held this D...
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24 October 2022

👀 Meet WhiteBIT Earn 👀

An unstoppable desire to develop and improve existing products drives us to introduce new tools to e...
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21 October 2022

📬 Updates for your convenience 📬

We aspire to improve the platform's functionality regularly. That's why we unified addresses for Eth...
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18 October 2022

Partnership with Valencia Marathon in Details

Our desire to support sports and popularize blockchain has led us to a new partnership. We are pleas...
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10 October 2022

📣 A new trading pair for KZT is here 📣

We’re excited to inform you that now KZT is paired against another legendary asset, BTC....
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28 September 2022
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