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Long-Awaited Babylon Update ✨

On the 31st of August, Radix released RCnet v3 with a focus on improving platform stability internal...
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25 September 2023

Multi-Limit on WhiteBIT

There's an eagerly anticipated addition to our range of trading tools — introducing the Multi-Limit ...
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20 September 2023

Top up the Balance of CZK and BGN with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Adding funds to your exchange balance is like a first date: making a positive impression and determi...
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19 September 2023

Welcome, Digital Gift Card — Buy It with Cryptocurrency and Get Access to Goods and Services

They say the most valuable gift is giving your attention. We'd go a step further: the perfect gift b...
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14 September 2023

Introducing a New SoulBound Token for Developers

It’s fantastic to see how enthusiastic and engaged our community is. To celebrate your contribution,...
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12 September 2023

Profitable EUR Deposits via SEPA

Exclusive conditions for the most profitable top-ups continue. Starting today, you can deposit EUR v...
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25 August 2023

Even More Benefits with Checkout

That's right, we're moving on! We're excited to announce that Checkout's free deposits continue, and...
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22 August 2023

The First Voting on WhiteBIT Launchpad: The Details of Launching Scamfari

We are pleased to announce the start of voting for the first project of our WhiteBIT Launchpad. If y...
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21 August 2023

Responding to the Recent Media FUD

Over the last couple of hours we have seen another wave of online publication in media and social ne...
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16 August 2023

Meet Scamfari, the First Project on WhiteBIT Launchpad

The first voting on WhiteBIT Launchpad is right around the corner, and it's time to uncover the spec...
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16 August 2023

Don’t Miss the Premiere!

Get ready for some real heat, because a cyclone of hot crypto projects is heading our way! We will s...
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14 August 2023

Football Tickets for Cryptocurrency!

Most of you already know that WhiteBIT is the official crypto partner of the national football team ...
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14 August 2023

New Fees for Trading With Leverage, New Interest and Plans for Crypto Lending

You might think that updating margin trading on our exchange is our new hobby. And it is not surpris...
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04 August 2023

Meet Our Own Blockchain: WB Network

The launch of WB Network is a huge step, as it opens up many opportunities for us and our large comm...
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03 August 2023

Welcome WhiteBIT Card — WhiteBIT Georgia and PayUnicard Presents a Co-branded Product

We’re excited to share the news of WhiteBIT Georgia launching a co-branded product that simplifies p...
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28 July 2023
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