WhiteBIT x TradingView: Endless Horizons for Spot Trading

Published 28 February 2024
WhiteBIT x TradingView: Endless Horizons for Spot Trading

Enjoying our spot trading tools? We went further and are thrilled to announce that WhiteBIT has been listed among TradingView brokers! You can immediately tap into the vast array of powerful tools on this renowned platform to enhance your trading experience. Dive in as we guide you on getting started!

A New Level of Trading Experience

The main advantage of this integration is the ability to trade on TradingView using the multitude of platform tools and your funds from your WhiteBIT Trading balance. Now you have access to even more tools and features for spot trading.

Here’s a peek into what you get:

  • 15+ chart types: Create charts that reflect your individual strategy and trading style;
  • Tool comparison: Analyze different assets and their dynamics to make more informed decisions;
  • Analysis of multiple timeframes: View and compare data on different timeframes to get a fuller picture of the market;
  • Price alerts: Stay informed about price changes on assets through alerts;
  • Technical alerts: Set up alerts based on technical indicators and monitor important signals and much more.

Explore TradingView and dive into its functional variety right from the start!

How to Start Using TradingView?

Currently, the advantages of TradingView are available for spot trading. However, you can use different types of orders and all TradingView tools for more successful trading.

How to connect TradingView:

  1. Sign up for our exchange and TradingView;
  2. Verify your identity on the exchange (KYC) and enable two-factor authentication (2FA);
  3. Make sure you have enough funds for trading on your WhiteBIT Trading balance;
  4. Log in to your TradingView account;
  5. Go to the “Brokers” page and choose WhiteBIT;
  6. Click on the “Trade” button;
  7. Click “Connect” next to WhiteBIT;
  8. Confirm access to the broker. To buy assets, choose charts marked WhiteBIT. Now you can comfortably trade on TradingView and make the most of the platform using your Trading balance funds!

With the integration of TradingView, your possibilities for trading digital assets become even broader. Trade more efficiently using powerful analysis and charting tools.

We’re setting the trading level together with TradingView, make sure to join!

TradingView is an online platform for analyzing financial markets and trading assets that allows users to create charts, study market data, use technical and fundamental analysis, and trade stocks, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments on various exchanges. The platform also allows users to exchange ideas and analysis with other traders.