Security Update When Changing the Password and Deactivating 2FA

Published 25 October 2023
Security Update When Changing the Password and Deactivating 2FA


Preventative safety measures should never be overlooked, so let’s not delay them. We’re excited to introduce new security features designed to enhance the protection of your assets when you decide to update your account password or deactivate two-factor authentication (2FA).

Now, when you disable 2FA or modify your account password on our exchange, you will promptly receive a letter (to the email address associated with the WhiteBIT account) notifying you about temporary limitations for your account and confirming these actions have been initiated.

The letter will not protect your funds, so within 72 hours after changing the password or deactivating 2FA, some functions will not be available for your account, namely:

  • Withdrawals (also via P2P);
  • Creation of WhiteBIT Codes;
  • Purchase of Digital Gift Cards.

If you made these changes to your account, there’s no need for concern. Everything will return to normal after 72 hours. However, if someone unauthorized has accessed your account, it will be virtually impossible for them to do any harmful activities. During this period, our support team will work diligently to resolve any issues you might encounter.

Please remember that changing your password or disabling two-factor authentication are significant actions that require attention. Therefore, even if you choose to deactivate 2FA for a brief period, the security measures mentioned above will still apply for 72 hours. This update serves to monitor any suspicious activity on your account and proactively identify potential security threats.

Furthermore, it’s essential to remember that while we strive to safeguard your data, you also play a vital role in your security. Maintain a strong password and activate 2FA. According to a 2022 NordPass study, passwords like “password,” “123456,” and “123456789” were the most popular ones in 30 countries globally. Cybersecurity experts highlight that these passwords can be compromised in less than a second. We strongly encourage you to create complex and unpredictable passwords. Additionally, 2FA is a valuable layer for securing your assets and peace of mind. Be aware that from April 1, 2024, this feature will be mandatory. More about 2FA read here.

The level of security you set is within your control, and we’re here to support it!