Promodex (PROMO): Revolutionizing Promotional Marketplaces in Web3

Published 28 June 2024
Promodex (PROMO): Revolutionizing Promotional Marketplaces in Web3


We’re excited to announce that on July 1, 2024, we open a new voting on WhiteBIT Launchpad with Promodex (PROMO)! Dive into the details about the project and Launchpad itself.

Promodex stands as the pioneering blockchain-based programmatic promotional marketplace within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By seamlessly integrating businesses, brands, and cryptocurrency startups with influencers, bounty hunters, and digital publishers of all sizes, Promodex creates a dynamic marketplace that benefits all participants. It offers a platform where project owners can meet their promotional needs, achieve project sustainability, and where promoters can monetize their publicity potential while followers earn bounties by participating in promotion campaigns.

Connecting Campaigners and Promoters for Mutual Success

Promodex bridges the gap between campaigners and promoters, fostering a collaborative environment where value can be exchanged efficiently. For campaigners, Promodex provides an intuitive platform to easily find and filter graded promoters based on their Influence Power Grade (IPG). This enables campaigners to effectively target specific platforms, languages, and geolocations, ensuring their campaigns reach the right audience. The ability to manage campaigns and budgets programmatically adds a layer of efficiency and precision to their promotional efforts.

Promoters, on the other hand, benefit from access to a wide array of ready-to-participate campaigns. By fulfilling the campaign requirements, promoters can contribute to the campaign’s success while monetizing their publicity potential. This setup allows promoters to gain consistent revenue and helps them build a reputation within the Promodex ecosystem. The platform thus creates a win-win situation, where both campaigners and promoters can find each other, collaborate seamlessly, and exchange value in a structured and efficient manner.

PROMO’s Participation in WhiteBIT Launchpad

We are excited to announce that PROMO will participate in the WhiteBIT Launchpad, offering investors a unique opportunity to get involved in the Promodex project. The pre-sale price for PROMO is set at $0.025 per token, with a total of 6,000,000 tokens available for sale on WhiteBIT. After the voting period concludes, users will receive 10% of their tokens immediately, with the remaining 90% distributed over nine months at a rate of 10% per month.

The allocation levels for the PROMO token sale are designed to cater to a wide range of investors. The allocation for WBT holders will be distributed as follows:

10 WBT in Holding — 12000 USDT

200 WBT in Holding — 30000 USDT

1500 WBT in Holding — 50000 USDT

4000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

10000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

16000 WBT in Holding— 100 000 USDT

30000 WBT in Holding— 100 000 USDT

60000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

100 000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

160 000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

2 000 000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

6 000 000 WBT in Holding — 100 000 USDT

Join WhiteBIT Launchpad to vote for PROMO and become one of the early investors of a promising project!