Boxing Fans, Listen Up! Prepare for the Vesting of RTF Tokens

Published 23 April 2024
Boxing Fans, Listen Up! Prepare for the Vesting of RTF Tokens


In the world of boxing, innovation never stands still, especially when it comes to Ready To Fight (RTF). This unique project in the realm of SocialFi combines social networks and decentralized finance, creating a unique space for content and professional skill monetization and community engagement within the boxing world. On our platform, there’s an opportunity for RTF vesting, which we’ll talk about in this article.

What to Expect From Vesting?

Users, who’ve already had the chance to interact with the RTF token can gain more assets through vesting on our exchange. To participate in the campaign, the user had to sign up for the platform and confirm their identity by April 22 (12 p.m. UTC).

The first tokens will be credited 15 minutes after the start of sales and will accrue daily with a subsequent cliff period:


Token Generation Event (TGE) — 5%

Cliff — 3 months

Vesting — 24 months

More Than Just a Social Network

Ready To Fight was founded by big names in boxing, such as Oleksandr Usyk and Serhiy Lapin. It combines boxing, Web 3.0 technologies, and blockchain capabilities. Project ambassadors include Mike Tyson, Ebanie Bridges, Savannah Marshal and 20 other professionals from the world of boxing, underscoring its appeal to the global boxing community. The article “Ready to Fight—the world’s first blockchain boxing platform” provides more details about the project.

A New Era for Boxing Fans

On April 24 at 10:30 (UTC), the RTF token will be available for trading on our exchange. Also, starting April 22, a Bounty campaign with RTF has kicked off, where you can win exciting prizes—details await you in this article. This isn’t just a significant event for crypto enthusiasts, but it also marks the beginning of a new era for boxing fans worldwide. The Ready To Fight project opens up new opportunities for the boxing community, allowing the participants to earn, play, and communicate using innovative blockchain technologies.