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Q&A session with VOLT | Transcript

Published 16 June 2022
Q&A session with VOLT | Transcript


Question: What is the story behind the VOLT Project? What was your biggest motivation that pushed you to build VOLT?

Answer: The biggest motivation for starting this project was to prove that a project with no doxxed team, no big VCs, and no presale can still compete with the top projects just by delivering its promises and building a community of firm believers working for that same goal.

All the utilities, developments, or partnerships we work on are always aimed at making this purpose a reality.

Q: If you had to choose one, what is the biggest thing that makes this project different from all other new tokens right now?

A: I could speak for hours about our utilities, our achievements, our 25 CEX listings in 5 months, our treasury that acquired almost 300 NFTs and many altcoins, our game, the endorsements we got, and our hyper-deflationary tokenomics. And the list goes on!

But I’ll keep it simple and real! Our biggest strength is our community! You may think it’s just a random answer, but it isn’t! Our community is not only a pretty big one (with almost 50k holders), but it is also one of the most proactive, active, open-minded, and welcoming community I have ever seen and been proud to be part of!

It always blows my mind to see how our community is always coming together by being stronger than ever when we have the challenge to face.

Q: Tell us about your ecosystem. What besides the token is included in your ecosystem, and what are you working on now? Will there be any platform releases soon?

A: Where can I start … We’ve achieved so many milestones over the 5 months!

To give you the best idea of our ecosystem, where VOLT can be used, of what we are doing, I think the best way is to have a look at the summary that you can find on this link: https://linktr.ee/voltinuofficial.

As you can see, we have already been covered by most of the biggest news websites, we secured dozens of partnerships with other crypto projects, and delivered many utilities such as using VOLT to pay on websites like Amazon, Home Depot, eBay, etc., we released our own P2E game, we are about to have our own space in the metaverse, and the list goes on.

Q: On your website, you say that VOLT INU is a hyper-deflation token. What does that mean? What are all the purposes of the VOLT INU token?

A: The deflationary aspect is pretty simple as it is the process of making the token more and more scarce by constantly lowering its circulating supply. We called it hyper-deflationary since we already have 3 mechanisms burning and reducing the circulating supply as of today. These 3 mechanisms work as follows:

  • we have an automatic burn tax that is burning tokens on every transaction (2% on ETH and 4% on BSC);
  • 1% of every transaction gets reflected/distributed to all the holders (incl. the burn address);
  • on top of that, we also perform manual buybacks and burns with our treasury. We even announced our next burn of $1M as soon as we reach a new ATH.

On top of the 3 above mechanisms, all the steps of our roadmap that we still haven’t released yet are aimed at bringing new burn mechanisms to VOLT, and some of these steps aren’t months away.

Q: The fact that VOLT has a huge amount of available token supply, apart from your deflationary techniques, you mentioned that VOLT has a mechanism to continually control the token’s supply in circulation. What are these aforementioned mechanisms? How do you intend to use these mechanisms to create an optimum market condition so as to avoid inflation of the token? What benefits await the holders of the token both in the short and long-term runs? What is the idea behind the automatic 4% burn on BSC? Is this part of your deflationary techniques?

A: When you actually compare our supply to bigger projects like SHIBA and others, our supply isn’t that big (or at least smaller than some of these supplies).

I’ll start by covering the inflation question as it is the most straightforward one. Our token can not be inflationary as the total supply is capped at 69,000,000,000,000 tokens, and unlike Bitcoin or other minable cryptos, the entire supply is already minted.

Regarding the holders’ benefits, I would say it is a more long-term benefit as we didn’t keep any big share of the supply at launch to burn it later on without any price impact.

Our deflationary mechanisms are actually removing tokens of the circulating supply either by buying them on the market or by reducing the supply held in the liquidity pool (maybe a slower way but definitely more effective when it comes to the price impact).

Q: I have seen meme coins projects interact with each other and collaborate to grow their communities. So, has the Volt Inu team had among its future plans to work with other meme coins? If it is a possibility, tell us which community would you like to work and socialize with?”

A: Regardless of whether the project is a meme coin or not, we are actually continuously looking for new partnerships that can bring more utility or more exposure to our token. To date, we have already secured many partnerships with projects like Crypto Cart, Shopping.io, and Dripto, all allowing spending VOLT for real-world goods purchases. We also partnered with several gaming projects like Undead Blocks or Wolverinu to be featured in their games or even organize tournaments for our community.

One of the most recent and most exciting partnerships is actually the one we secured with Platanaso token, as they allocated the biggest room us in their metaverse to VOLT to let our community hang out there but also to allow our community to present VOLT to thousands of non-crypto people who’ll be joining this metaverse.

Q: One of your products is the Volt Merch store. But I couldn’t find more details about that. Could you please give more information about the Volt Merch? What kind of products will there be? What is the buying procedure? Can buyers use VOLT as the medium currency?

A: You’re right, and it’s the result of a big move we completed less than a week ago. Indeed, last week, we just finalized our logo and website revamp, which is why our Merch store is down at the moment.

It shouldn’t take long anymore for the store to again be back up and allow our community to get volted with our new merchandise! As far as the products are concerned, almost every product can actually be ordered (clothes, household items, car stickers, etc.), and we always try to add new products based on our community’s requests.

Q: What are the top priorities for the Volt Inu this year 2022? What obstacles does Volt Inu face in achieving those goals? And how does the project overcome those obstacles?

A: To start with our overall goal, I would say that I’m strongly convinced that nothing can be done without aiming for the top.

Then to summarize, I would say the main priorities are exposure, accessibility, and utility. All these 3 aspects are ultimately there to reach our main goal of exponentially growing and strengthening our community!

If I had to put figures on our goals and give you more concrete information, I would say the following are definitely our targets by the end of the year:

– being listed on 100 CEXs;

– being able to use VOLT on real-life purchases in at least 5 countries across the world;

– gather 250,000 holders;

– of course, deliver all the steps of stage 4 of our roadmap;

– complete some of the steps of stage 5 that, although not being released, we are already working on.