Ready to Fight: World’s First Boxing Blockchain Platform

Published 19 April 2024
Ready to Fight: World’s First Boxing Blockchain Platform


Are you passionate about boxing? Or are you actively involved in the boxing world as a boxer, manager, agent, nutritionist, or trainer? Then you won’t want to overlook the latest developments in combining blockchain technology with boxing!

The Ukrainian brand Ready to Fight is a platform for all boxing community members that helps solve business problems. So far, this is the world’s only startup of this type. Athletes get the opportunity to grow quickly, fans get to keep up with the lives and careers of stars, and entrepreneurs get to make money with the platform’s solutions.

Ready to Fight is needed to solve numerous issues in the field of boxing, such as finding a team and funding, preparing for a fight, communicating with managers and agents, finding opponents, and much more. With the help of a rating system combined with modern blockchain technologies, Ready to Fight revolutionizes the boxing world.

This is the first Web3.0 boxing application that developed the first boxing token. Ready to Fight is the intersection of Web3 and boxing, with over 20 services in its ecosystem.

RTF Token

RTF is the world’s first boxing token. This token improves financial autonomy, reduces the risks associated with dependence on third-party financial service providers, and makes it possible to transfer funds abroad, sell goods, and pay for services and goods on the platform’s marketplace.

RTF also serves as a currency for purchasing tickets for boxing and other fights and for paying for the services of streaming platforms for watching sports events. The Ready to Fight ecosystem is built and powered by these tokens, and transfer fees within the blockchain are also paid using RTF.

RTF boasts an extensive ecosystem of over 20 services in development designed to meet the diverse needs of boxing enthusiasts. From Subring, a SocialFi platform where fans can support their favorite fighters and earn profits, to Cyber Ring, which offers a unique combination of gaming and blockchain technology, RTF offers something for everyone. In addition, the Questing Platform provides an interactive experience where users can complete tasks and earn rewards, further enriching their interaction with the platform.

Ready to Fight Team

Ready to Fight is an international initiative without limits that aims to provide a simple and accessible career path for all boxers worldwide. This project, implemented by Ukrainian specialists, aims for global innovations despite the circumstances associated with a full-scale conflict.

The start-up concept was put forward by Oleksandr Usyk, the world’s leading boxer, and his sports director, Sergey Lapin. Oleksandr Usyk is a recognized Ukrainian athlete who won a fight with Anthony Joshua on August 20, 2022. The project team also includes Alan Duran (EX-OKX,, Puma), Alex Krassuyk, and Egis Klimas, both of whom are on the list of the 50 most influential people in the world of boxing, and Igor Sytnikov, with more than 15 years of experience in the development of fintech solutions.

RTF has seen significant growth since its inception, as evidenced by its performance metrics. With over 140,000 app downloads, 120,000 registrations, and 58,000 RTF app wallets created, the platform has gained widespread interest and recognition among the boxing community. In addition, testnet transactions have exceeded 8 million since its launch on March 8, highlighting the reliability and scalability of the platform.

Ready to Fight will continue to improve. Plans are to expand functionality for coaches, psychologists, nutritionists, and other specialists and cooperate with training bases, equipment, and nutrition manufacturers.

How to work with Ready to Fight?

  1. Register quickly and conveniently, by choosing one of the options: Facebook, Google, Telegram, or Email.
  2. Fill out your profile in detail, adding a photo and a description of your achievements and level of training. This is critical, as potential sparring partners will be targeting this data.
  3. Actively communicate with other fighters and share your experience.
  4. Organize and participate in sparring matches, constantly improve your skills, and achieve your goals.

Project ambassadors and partnerships

Central to RTF’s mission is the empowerment of the boxing community. Through strategic collaborations with industry stalwarts like the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the Saudi Boxing Federation, RTF establishes itself as a driving force behind positive change within the sport. Moreover, with the backing of the Saudi Arabian government and a strategic partnership with Riyadh Season, RTF is poised to make waves on a global scale, tapping into new markets and opportunities.

With the support of over 20 ambassadors from both Web2 and Web3, including prominent figures like the legendary Mike Tyson, Ebanie Bridges, Savannah Marshall, CryptoBirb, and Euni Wong, RTF is committed to championing athlete-centric solutions. By providing athletes with new avenues for monetization, visibility, and fan interaction, RTF empowers them to take control of their careers and unlock new opportunities in the digital age.