The Future of Technology in Sports: A Fruitful Discussion at the Sports Tomorrow Congress 2024

Published 16 February 2024
The Future of Technology in Sports: A Fruitful Discussion at the Sports Tomorrow Congress 2024


We continue to fill this year with participation in large-scale events that gather hundreds of representatives of the sports elite and technology companies. We’re excited to announce our participation in the Sports Tomorrow Congress, a pivotal component of the Mobile World Congress, as an esteemed partner of FC Barcelona. Scheduled for February 26th and 27th, this marks the event’s seventh edition, uniting top industry representatives.

As the event’s main speaker, WhiteBIT will discuss “Decoding the Future of Fan Engagement with Personalized Digital Merchandise,” delving into the significance of personalized fan-player interactions.

The advent of tokenized items presents an array of opportunities to engage fans:

  • Alternative income stream for clubs: By applying NFT and blockchain technology, sports clubs are opening a new way to generate income. This model benefits clubs financially and provides a more interactive experience for fans.
  • Blockchain for fan loyalty: Blockchain technology ensures the transparency and immutability of every transaction. Integrating this technology into clubs’ platforms builds trust among their fans and stakeholders in the sports ecosystem.
  • Exclusive digital merch: Fans can purchase or create unique digital goods, such as virtual sportswear or sports accessories, directly related to their favorite players or moments in the club’s history. These NFTs can increase in value and importance depending on game results, player performances, or special events.

Such initiatives represent a significant step in the interaction of sports clubs with their fans. Undoubtedly, the Sports Tomorrow Congress is the perfect place to share the experience of implementing innovative ideas and setting a new level of fan engagement in the sports industry.

Those wishing to attend the event online can purchase a ticket via the link and participate in 1:1 meetings and other networking opportunities.