We’re back 🎉

Published 01 February 2023
We’re back 🎉


We are excited to announce a significant optimization of our delivery messaging system over WebSockets! With this update, our messaging infrastructure has been greatly improved to deliver messages faster and more efficiently to users.

Here are the things we’ve optimized:

  • Reduced latency

We have optimized our WebSockets implementation to reduce latency and improve the speed of delivery of messages.

  • Better scalability

We have made architectural changes to support increased scalability, allowing us to handle more traffic as our user base grows.

  • Improved interface responsiveness

Thanks to these improvements, the trading terminal will work more smoothly and without delays.

We are confident that these optimizations will greatly enhance the user experience for our messaging system, and we look forward to receiving feedback from our users.

We have also added three pairs for margin trading — UNI/USDT, ATOM/USDT, and ETC/USDT. Cool, right?

Less talk and more action. Let’s continue working for you!