Trading Fees on WhiteBIT

Published 25 March 2024
Trading Fees on WhiteBIT


WhiteBIT users can buy and sell cryptocurrency under one of the most favorable conditions in the market. The standard trading fee, i.e., the fee for trading on the Spot market, on the exchange varies for some pairs but does not exceed 0.1%.

It’s worth noting that the fee for transactions on the Spot market for maker orders is charged in the currency the user receives, and for taker orders, in the currency they spend. For instance, the fee for a Market order to buy BTC/USDT is charged in USDT, while for a Limit order executed as a maker, — in BTC.

All signed-up users who have verified their identity have access to flexible trading conditions and various opportunities to reduce their fees, specifically through:

WBT in Owning or Holding

Users with WBT in Owning can get discounts on trading fees up to 80% for takers and up to 100% for makers. At the same time, those who keep WBT in Holding receive a 100% discount on the maker’s fees from the second level. The discount rate is determined by the amount of coins a user owns or has in Holding. You can find detailed information in the article “Discounts for WBT owners”.

The discount applies to the base fees for both spot and futures markets. If a user has other discounts, such as being a VIP client, the most favorable discount will be applied. Note that the discounts for taker and maker fees are considered independently.

For example, a user with a second VIP level (Freshman) receives a 50% discount on maker fees and a 10% discount on taker fees. Additionally, they own 5,000 WBT, which entitles them to a 40% discount on maker fees and a 15% discount on taker fees. In such cases, the discount on taker fees will be applied based on the WBT ownership level, i.e., 15%, while the discount on maker fees will be applied according to the VIP level, i.e., 50%.

Current discounts on WBT in Holding or Owning for your WhiteBIT account are available on the WBT Boost page after authorization.

WhiteBIT Market Making Program

Market makers on the exchange also have access to discounts when trading on both the Spot and Futures markets. For the Spot market, fee reductions can reach up to -0.010% for makers and up to 0.020% for takers.

Market makers with the highest trading volume in futures can trade with fees as low as -0.010% for makers and up to 0.025% for takers. You can check the details on the Market Making Program page.


VIP status users also enjoy special discounts. At the starting point, level 0, standard rates apply. However, from level 1 onwards, users get increasing discounts that can reach as low as -0.001% for makers and 0.03% for takers. The VIP Program page provides detailed information on how fees vary by VIP status.

Fees for Margin and Futures Trading

For those engaging in Margin trading using borrowed funds, a daily rate of 0.0585% applies. It’s worth noting that this fee is only incurred if the order is executed, even partially.

The standard trading fees for futures contracts are 0.035% for takers and 0.01% for makers.