WhiteBIT trading fee

Published 25 August 2022
WhiteBIT trading fee


Standard trading fee

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the trading fee may vary for several pairs, but it won’t exceed 0.1%*.

WhiteBIT clients who own WBT tokens can get a discount on this fee. By becoming a WBT owner, users also receive discounts on trading fees – up to 90% on taker fees and up to 100% on maker fees. At the same time, WBT holders receive a reduction in the maker fee down to 0% beginning with the first level of Holding.

You can find more information here.

You can transfer WBT to Holding by the following link.

The discount applies to base fees for the spot and futures markets. In case the user has any other discounts, for example, he is a VIP client, the most favorable one will be applied. The discounts on taker and maker fees are considered independently of one another.

For example: as a VIP client, you received a 10% discount on trading fees. As a WBT owner and holder, you get a 5% discount on taker fees and 100% on maker fees. Your taker fee discount will be applied according to your VIP status, and the maker fee discount will be applied according to your Holding level.

Check your current fee level on the Protrade page in the “Information” block.

*Spot market trading fees for maker orders are charged in the currency you receive and for taker orders – in the currency you spend. For example, a market order to buy BTC/USDT is charged in USDT, and a limit order executed as a maker is charged in BTC.

The fee for WBT owners (Owning)

WhiteBIT also gives WBT owners discounts on trading fees. To receive this discount, you must keep WBT on the Main balance or in Holding. The current discount percentage based on the WBT amount is as follows:

WBT on the balance Maker fee discount, % Taker fee discount, %
400 10 5
1 000 20 10
5 000 40 15
10 000 60 20
15 000 80 25
30 000 100 30
50 000 100 35
100 000 100 40
1 000 000 100 80
3 000 000 100 90

Maker fee discounts for WBT holders

The maker fee for WBT holders can be reduced down to 0%.

More information can be found here.

You can transfer WBT to Holding by the following link.

Fees for using funds in margin trading

In margin trading, users are charged a daily fee of 0.098% for the use of borrowed funds.

Other fees

Fees are also charged for most withdrawals and for several types of deposits. The detailed information about these fees can be found here.