WhiteBIT Network Changes Its Name to Whitechain and Shares Important Updates

Published 08 February 2024
WhiteBIT Network Changes Its Name to Whitechain and Shares Important Updates


Our blockchain, WB Network, has changed its name to Whitechain. The new name reflects our long-term vision and commitment to building a simple, transparent, innovative, and compliant ecosystem of dApps. This transformation marks a new chapter in our Web3 market positioning, product development, ecosystem strategy, and the commitment we offer to our users and community.

About Whitechain

Whitechain is an EVM-compatible blockchain platform that leverages the diverse infrastructure of WhiteBIT and its ecosystem of established Web3 products (WhitePay, white.market, WhiteSwap, etc.). The network also provides advanced digital identity solutions that enhance security and user experience.

Whitechain plays a crucial role in our strategy, aiming to advance an era of fair and open value exchange, enhance human interactions, and enable talented individuals to leverage the power of permissionless public blockchain platforms.

What’s Next For Whitechain?

Whitechain will launch several new products, ecosystem development activities, and educational initiatives in the upcoming months. You will see announcements of strategic partnerships in SportsFi, Web3 engagement, GameFi, and the Enterprise segment.

Whitechain is also getting ready to release a big technical roadmap highlighting all the important milestones in the next year. The community will observe changes aimed at enhancing liquidity, enabling cross-chain swaps and stablecoin transfers, as well as launching fundamental protocols across many existing use cases. There are also plans to integrate AI with smart contracts to overcome significant user experience challenges inherent in traditional blockchain designs.

Consensus layer innovation is another major priority for our development team, focusing on account abstraction, gasless transactions, and new storage types.

Whitechain Foundation and Grants

We are always on the lookout for talented developers who will be able to bring Web3 innovation and creativity to Whitechain. Those building disruptive dApps for the masses can be eligible for comprehensive support from the Foundation in the form of grants, technical expertise, and access to WhiteBIT ecosystem technologies, including crypto acquiring, trading platforms, gaming marketplaces, and educational resources.

Whitechain Telegram Wallet

Whitechain has recently released its newest product, Whitechain Telegram Wallet. It is an app inside a Telegram bot that allows people to instantly deposit and withdraw the native coin of Whitechain (WBT) as well as NFTs. Interact with Whitechain and get free gas for immediate transaction execution directly from your messenger app!

Quests With Rewards

We are also working on new activities with generous rewards to thank our users for their loyalty. The first quest is coming very soon. Stay tuned for more!