New domain names from Unstoppable Domains

Published 05 May 2023
New domain names from Unstoppable Domains


Are you tired of the tedious process of typing in long and complicated wallet addresses? Have you ever been worried about sending funds to the wrong address? It can be a waste of time and energy that you could spend on more productive tasks. Luckily, Unstoppable Domains has made this process much easier. Our exchange has embedded this service, which provides human-readable domain names for blockchain-based transactions. Here are the new domain names: .bitcoin, .blockchain, .dao, .nft, .888, .wallet, .x, and .polygon.

Unstoppable Domains specializes in developing blockchain-based domains on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Zilliqa blockchains. Using their service, you can personalize your crypto address with a domain name, simplifying the transfer process. With a simple domain name like [YourName].crypto, you can quickly transfer your crypto assets from the exchange without requiring lengthy and complex wallet addresses. This approach eliminates the confusion and potential errors often accompanying long wallet addresses, making the transfer process smoother and more efficient.

What you need to do:

  1. Sign up on the Unstoppable Domains website;
  2. Claim your personalized domain name and connect it to your wallet address;
  3. When withdrawing funds from the exchange, enter your personalized domain name instead of a wallet address;
  4. The domain name should end with either .crypto, .zil, and also .bitcoin, .blockchain, .dao, .nft, .888, .wallet, .x, or .polygon;
  5. If the domain name option doesn’t appear, check that you entered it correctly. Then, click on the domain name and proceed with the withdrawal.

Great! Your funds will be sent lightning-fast. Note that this feature is currently available for withdrawals only.

Don’t waste time remembering long and complicated wallet addresses. Test new Unstoppable Domains and simplify the transfer process.

You’ll need to buy and link a domain name by authorization through a Web3 wallet (for example, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust, and so on).