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Start Now—Win USDT

Published 14 June 2024
Start Now—Win USDT


Here’s a very warm welcome from WhiteBIT: sign up on our exchange and get an opportunity to win 2 USDT!

How to participate:

  1. Register on the WhiteBIT exchange during the Promotion period;
  2. Complete the verification process (KYC);
  3. Fill out the Google form.

Start: June 14 at 12:00 AM (UTC)

Finish: June 23 at 12:00 PM (UTC)

Winners’ announcement: June 28

Number of winners: 1,000

1,000 random participants will each get a Prize in the amount of 2 USDT.

Sign up now!


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Terms and Conditions of Participation in «Start Now—Win USDT»

The organizer of the Promotion is WhiteBIT.

The promotion period is from 12 PM (UTC) on June 14, 2024, to 12:00 PM (UTC) on June 23, 2024.

The territory of the Promotion: The Promotion is held on the territory of all countries except for the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, American Samoa, the American Virgin Islands, Guam, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Yemen, the State of Libya, the State of Palestine, the freely associated state of Puerto Rico, the Federal Republic of Somalia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the United States of America, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of South Sudan, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, the French Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the temporarily occupied territories of Georgia, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Western Sahara, Ambazonia, Republic of Kosovo, Kingdom of Spain, Canada, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Participants are responsible for ensuring that their participation is not prohibited or restricted by the laws or regulations of their jurisdiction. The Organizer reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Participants to participate in the Promotion and may request proof of residence or location, if necessary.

The Promotion is held to popularize WhiteBIT services.

You can contact the Organizer of the Promotion at support@whitebit.com or via the chat on the website https://whitebit.com.

The promotion is not a game of chance, a lottery, a service in the gambling business, or a contest, and these Terms do not offer a public promise of reward.

Information about the Promotion is provided based on advertising rights.

Participants of the Promotion are adult citizens of non-prohibited countries (those except those mentioned above) or other persons who are legally present on the territory of such countries who have fulfilled the following Conditions:

  1. Within the terms of the Promotion, registered on the WhiteBIT platform for the first time during the Promotion;
  2. Have passed the verification procedure (KYC);
  3. Filled out the Google-form with their nickname on the WhiteBIT exchange.

IMPORTANT! While participating in the Promotion, it is forbidden to register on the exchange several times (use several accounts). Participants with multiple accounts will be disqualified. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, each Participant may register only once (have only one account). The use of multiple accounts (multi-accounts and/or Sub-Accounts) or cooperation with affiliated users and/or users of Sub-Accounts belonging to the Participant for manipulating orders is prohibited and will result in the closure of all accounts without the owner’s consent. In the case of detecting the creation of several accounts, the Organizer reserves the right to close the second created account and any subsequent multi-accounts.

The Promotion conditions must be fulfilled within the terms of the Promotion.

Any personal data of the Promotion Participants is processed to ensure their participation in the Promotion, marketing, advertising, tax, and accounting relations.

Employees, representatives, or agents of the Organizer and their relatives (first and second degree of kinship) are not eligible to participate in the Promotion. If, at the moment of awarding the Prize, it is established that the person who participated in the Promotion cannot be a Participant of the Promotion in accordance with these Rules, such person shall lose the right to receive the Prize.

Participants of the Promotion who have fulfilled all the Conditions have the opportunity to become Winners and win the Prizes—2 USDT each.

The maximum possible number of Winners is 1,000 people.

One Winner may receive only one Prize.

Based on the results of the Promotion, the Organizer automatically forms a list of Promotion Participants who have fulfilled the Conditions from June 23, 2024 to June 28, 2024.

The Winners who will receive the Prize will be determined on June 28, 2024, using the random.org service, automatically among all Participants of the Promotion who have fulfilled its Terms. Winners are determined by rating (place in the list on the https://www.random.org/ service).

The list of Winners will be published in this article on June 28, 2024. A video with a screen recording of the process of determining the Winners will be published on the WhiteBIT YouTube channel.

The Organizer shall credit the Prizes to the main balances of the Winners on the WhiteBIT exchange within 7 business days from the next calendar day after the publication of the list of Winners.

Winners of the Promotion will be informed about the accrual of the Prize by letter to the e-mail address specified during registration on the website https://whitebit.com/ within 5 business days after crediting the Prizes.

If the Winner does not comply with these Rules, such Winner loses the right to the status of the Winner, and such right passes to the next Winner on the list.

The Winner receives the Prize free of charge. The Prize is non-refundable and non-replaceable, and the Promotion Winner is not entitled to demand any additional compensation from the Organizer.

In case of non-receipt of the Prize, if the Winner was entitled to it, or in case of any other difficulties, the Winner should contact the online support on the website https://whitebit.com, at the email address support@whitebit.com. The Winner must do this no later than July 16, 2024 inclusive. If the Winner does not apply within the specified period, particularly regarding non-receipt of the Prize, the Winner loses the right to receive it.

The received Prize cannot be exchanged or returned.

Winners determined by the Promotion results cannot transfer the rights to receive the Prize to third parties.

The Winner of the Promotion is entitled to refuse the Prize.

The Organizer bears no warranty obligations regarding the Prize received within the framework of this Promotion and under the conditions specified in these Terms and Conditions.

The Organizer does not compensate the Winner for the additional expenses related to the receipt of the Prize. Taxation of the income of the Winners who received the Prize is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the countries of Participants.

By participating in the Promotion, the Participant understands and agrees that any information voluntarily provided by the Participant, including the Participant’s personal data, may be processed by the Organizer or third parties involved by him. The information may be processed to conduct the Promotion, to carry out all necessary actions related to it (including, but not exclusively, informing about the Promotion results both in advertising and in another way), as well as further possible sending of information to the Participant, including of an advertising nature, about the following events/competitions/promotions/draws of the Organizer. By accepting the requirements of these Terms, the Participants hereby consent to such processing of personal data for use by the Organizer and/or other authorized Organizers and confirm their full understanding and necessary awareness of the purposes of processing the information provided, as well as the privacy policy: https://whitebit.com/privacy-policy.

At the same time, by their participation in the Promotion, the Participants of the Promotion confirm their consent to the use of their surnames and names without financial compensation, as well as their agreement to comply with other Conditions of the Promotion. The Winners confirm their consent to provide advertising interviews about participation in the Promotion in the media, including on radio and television, as well as to be photographed for producing graphic materials without paying them any monetary compensation. All exclusive intellectual property rights to such interviews and photographs will belong to the Organizer.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion. In case of any changes, information about this will be provided on the https://whitebit.com website and Organizer’s social networks.

The Organizer does not enter into disputes that may arise between the Promotion’s Participants concerning the Prize. In situations that allow an ambiguous interpretation of these Conditions and/or issues not regulated by these Conditions, the Organizer of the Promotion makes the final decision in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the countries of Participants. In this case, the decision of the Organizer of the Promotion is final and not subject to appeal.

The Organizer of the Promotion is not responsible for the operation of the services of telecommunications companies, postal communication, in particular email, for any errors of the employees of any enterprises/institutions/organizations that ensure the exchange of information between the Participants of the Promotion and the Organizer.

In case of any discrepancy or inaccuracy in the translation of the multiple languages used in the Promotion, the English translation shall be deemed valid and supersede all other versions.