🥇 $250 for winners’ stories 🥇

Published 02 February 2022

If you have ever won in WhiteBIT activities, tell us about it & take part in the $250 prize pool giveaway.

To participate, you need to:

✅ be a winner of any exchange activity;

✅ follow us on Instagram;

✅ post an Instagram story, telling about your victory, and tag WhiteBIT;

✅ fill in the form.

You can take a photo with the WhiteBIT merch you have received as a prize or post a screenshot of the winning e-mail notification, hiding personal data on it.

Duration: from the 1st till the 28th of February (6:00 p.m. UTC).

Prize pool: $250 ($50 to each winner).

Winners: 5.

We will determine the winners on the 2nd of March. After that, they will get rewards in WhiteBIT Codes via e-mail within 5 working days.

Don’t miss your chance to win one more time!

WhiteBIT Team

1 голосов.

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