Let’s greet RBT

Published 04 May 2022
Let’s greet RBT



RBT is the asset of the Rubix platform, which is used to conduct P2P transactions on it;

the Rubix platform is based on the Proof-of-Pledge protocol (a combination of PoW and PoS), due to which it consumes very little energy.

❗️ Please note that for successful transfers of RBT, both the sender’s and the receiver’s wallets should be online. Make sure that your RBT wallet application is opened while making deposits and withdrawals. Don’t close the application until funds are received, as it may lead to transaction failure.

Learn more about the project from its official website and White paper.

Pairs: RBT/USDT.

Activities: Trading competition, AMA session, and more.

Trade fee-free for a whole week!

WhiteBIT Team