FACEIT & WhiteBIT | The partnership of esport and crypto

Published 02 February 2022
FACEIT & WhiteBIT | The partnership of esport and crypto


We are excited to announce our partnership with FACEIT, the leading competitive platform for online multiplayer games. We both are going to provide the gaming community with an easy start and access to the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency through a set of special events and activities. This partnership is WhiteBIT’s first move into competitive gaming, aiming to expand a digitally native audience that can benefit from the cryptocurrency market. Together we will offer FACEIT users new CS:GO missions and exciting events within WhiteBIT HUB EU, WhiteBIT HUB EU EAST and WhiteBIT HUB LATAM.

Our key objective is to satisfy the users by providing a secure and trusted place to play and trade. This collaboration will surely help us deliver new services and enhance existing ones on both platforms. FACEIT users will be able to participate in WhiteBIT activities through WhiteBIT EU, WhiteBIT EU EAST and WhiteBIT LATAM organizers that are already available. The best part of it is the ability for users to redeem rewards in cryptocurrency.

FACEIT is the leading competitive platform for online multiplayer games, with more than 25 million users. It allows players to compete in tournaments and leagues for virtual and real-world prizes through automated tournament management and competitive gaming technology. With FACEIT’s advanced software development kit (SDK), game developers can easily integrate user-friendly competitive gaming into their titles and let gamers participate in tournaments at all skill levels. Esports organizers, players, and communities use FACEIT to create and run online competitions. For more information on FACEIT, please visit www.faceit.com.

Vladimir Nosov, CEO of WhiteBIT, commented on the partnership: “Partnering with FACEIT, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced esports tournament platform, was a logical choice for us. This collaboration will provide FACEIT and WhiteBIT users with exceptional opportunities on both platforms.

WhiteBIT stands out favorably against the background of other market players. We are about honesty, transparency, and security. FACEIT’s security advancements are something we value very much. We see the FACEIT platform as a worthy partner with a good reputation earned over years of successful work. WhiteBIT’s mission is to popularize cryptocurrencies, and FACEIT’s 25 million users is an audience with spirit and values that are close to us.”

Michele Attisani, Co-Founder and CBO of FACEIT, comments: “The crypto space links closely to the FACEIT community, full of digital natives that understand gaming, are willing to embrace new technology, and drive forward innovation. WhiteBIT’s commitment to growing the cryptocurrency market and putting their users’ security first aligns very closely with our core values at FACEIT. That’s why we are incredibly happy to announce this partnership, as we continue to grow and develop the opportunities for our users on the platform.”