🌠 Prominent crypto fans. Part 1 🌠

Published 18 February 2022
🌠 Prominent crypto fans. Part 1 🌠


It is impossible to ignore the wild popularity of digital assets. Let’s discuss the representatives of pop culture who are actively engaged in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Lindsay Lohan

The actress expresses a sincere interest in digital currencies on her socials. Lohan has already made predictions for top crypto assets. Once, she predicted the growth of BTC and ETH. The star has also proved to be interested in the NFT market.


The legendary rap artist keeps up with the trends, having presented his NFT collection in April 2021. Another well-known pop figure of our time, Pete Davidson, starred in the video to support the collection.

Snoop Dogg

In April 2021, the world saw an NFT collection from another American hip-hop star, Snoop Dogg. The artist also showed interest in DOGE, jokingly calling himself Snoop DOGE. Needless to say, it affected the asset rate immediately.

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