Women in crypto 4

Published 08 December 2021
Women in crypto 4


👩‍💼 Women are becoming more active in the cryptocurrency market and achieving considerable success. In this article, we will tell you about some outstanding female specialists in the field of Blockchain technology.

Tiffany Hayden is an expert on Ripple’s XRP protocol, a full-time blogger, and an independent adviser that helps professionals & organizations in the finance industry to understand Blockchain technology. Hayden is also the community manager for Edge.

Jen Greyson is the founder of the Blockchain Sisterhood and CEO/Founder of CO.CO — the “Airbnb” of office space. Before joining the cryptocurrency/blockchain community, Jen managed a multi-million dollar life insurance company.

Connie Gallippi has founded BitGive, the first government-recognized Bitcoin non-profit, and a pioneer organization, leveraging Bitcoin and Blockchain technology via practical applications for humanitarian work in the developing world.

Elizabeth Rossiello is the CEO and Founder of AZA Finance. The company is a part of a small group of growth-stage businesses that are truly pan-African. Rossiello is a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s Future Council on Blockchain.

Rhian Lewis is a software engineer and co-developer of altcoin portfolio tracker, CountMyCrypto. She is also the co-host of London Bitcoin Women. Rhian has a B.Sc. in Economics from UCL and is a former digital journalist at thetimes.co.uk.

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