A Journey Into The Metaverse With TCG World & WhiteBIT

Published 10 January 2022
A Journey Into The Metaverse With TCG World & WhiteBIT


You have probably already noticed how the metaverse is getting more and more popular every day. People buy virtual land for huge amounts of money, and big companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Epic Games are on their way to developing metaworlds. If you are familiar with the term but only superficially understand what it means, no worries. In this article, we will tell you about the metaverse, its connection to cryptocurrency, the implementation of this concept in the TCG World project, and WhiteBIT’s entry into the metaspace.

What is the metaverse?

This is a virtual online space where users can interact with each other and the virtual environment through avatars. The metaverse differs from the usual multiplayer video games by continuous work in real-time, complex economics, and integration with other platforms. In addition, everyone can have their own vision of what elements and capabilities the true metaverse should include.

Why is it rational to build blockchain-based metaworlds? The answer is very simple. The metaverse implies that the user has private property (items and real estate), and the use of cryptocurrency is a reliable and transparent tool for confirming ownership or transferring funds. Cryptocurrency can also be used to gain the right to make decisions in the metaworld or be paid for work. Blockchain technology itself is constantly being improved towards greater compatibility with other platforms.

TCG World: mechanics and economics

The TCG World project launches its own metaverse, in which everything that the player owns exists in the blockchain. All items and land are listed as NFTs and stored in the player’s crypto wallet.

There are 100,000 land plots available for purchase in TCG World, which are divided into two types:

  • regional plots (North, East, Asia, Forest), which can be completely customized by the owners and turned into a virtual museum, restaurant, or company office;
  • farm plots where TCGCoin 2.0 can be mined.

Players can buy plots of land for BNB right now.

The metaworld is inhabited by AI-powered creatures that can be caught and tamed. In addition, TCG World provides other game elements for interaction with which users can earn tokens. Everything else is limited only by human fantasy. The platform is designed to allow users to express themselves, communicate, trade NFTs, and even open their own business in the metaverse.

TCGCoin 2.0 is the currency of this cryptoworld, which can also be used to buy NFTs on the TCG Trading Platform. Commissions from all transactions will be distributed among active players or sent to the liquidity pool.

TCGCoin 2.0 listing and WhiteBIT virtual office

The trading of TCGCoin 2.0 is already available on the exchange via this link. Public Alpha and Beta testing of TCG World are scheduled for 2022, as is the official release of the metaverse. So this token may come in handy very soon. You will also get an opportunity to visit the virtual office of our exchange in the metaworld. Its appearance and functionality are still a secret.

See you in the metaverse!

WhiteBIT Team